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2013-08-04 07:55 pm
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On the new Doctor

To be honest I'm really pleased at the news. He wasn't who I imagined they'd cast (having thought Team BBCWales would go for another younger prettier man).

I thought he was brill in Children of Earth and I think he brings the gravitas so the rabid lot of GB can eff off with their "but he doesn't have gravitas" nonsense they spout each time a new Doctor is announced (same goes for you Jo Whiley). (Sorry for the somewhat run on sentence there)

It appears that when it comes to casting the Thirteenth Doctor or the next companion we should be looking at the cast lists of Fires of Pompeii :D

In almost completely unrelated news Rufus Hound looks like a completely different person without his facial hair.
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2013-06-02 09:47 pm
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2013-01-28 08:30 pm
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The snow was lovely for a few days but it made work so cold that I no longer have feet. I have two size five chilblains at the end of my legs. They hurt so much I can't sleep. It makes me woeful.

When ex-Cheddar woke up Sunday morning she cried because the snow had all been washed away by the monsoon that blew through Saturday night. This is why she's only seen The Snowman once because she gets abut hysterical at the end because snow doesn't last in this country. When she grows up she's probably going to move to Canada or Sweden or somewhere. Bless her.
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2013-01-20 07:57 pm


Friday was horrible. took the best part of 3 hours to get home, there were a couple of bits where I couldn't grip the road and so many knobbers who drive too fast and too close. Driving up the street to my street (which is uphill) I was basically knocking off the kerbs on each side of the road. Not fun at all. And out drive slopes downwards so I couldn't park on it without the fear of hitting the house.

Friday afternoon was spent teaching Ex-Cheddar how to make snow angels and throw snowballs. (Her snowball throwing is nearly as bad as mine)

Saturday was spent making a 'better' snowman with Daddy and causing wanton vandalism to mine. (The cheeky gets pushed mine over!)

Sunday I ventured out for the weekly shop which wasn't too terrifying but it's snowed a couple of centimetres here this evening and is showing no sign off letting up so I'm not feeling massively hopeful about getting to work tomorrow. Unless we take the bus. Which I think Ex-Cheddar will love.

Today we made this:

He has been named Snowtoro.

Off to go and find some bus timetables.
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2013-01-15 08:54 pm
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Currently watching...

Fringe: can't believe that it's nearly over. It gives me a sad. Love the fact Sky are showing the last two eps in sync with the US. But not that fact it means I'll be up till 3 in the morning watching it. There just isn't anything like it which I can use to replace it.

Breaking Bad: there's been so much chatter on My Twitter flist I thought I'd give it a ho. Only seen two eps so far. Not bad. His Lordship is quite possibly in live with it.

Stargazing Live: I love stars. And Prof B. and Dara. Wish this was a weekly series.

The Dark Knight Rises: not as good in some ways as the first two. But highly enjoyable. Michael Caine is awesome. That is all. The Batbike is really daft though. 8/10

This Means War: yes, I've had a Tom Hardy double bill. It was an enjoyable popcorn movie. Can't really say much without a spoiler cut. 7/10

Still NOT seen: The Hobbit. Having a small person really does prevent one getting out to the Odeon.
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2012-12-25 09:19 pm
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That thing that's on every Christmas.

Spoilers that have eaten way too much Christmas pud:
spoilers )

Spoilers for next half series
more spoilers )
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2012-10-26 07:08 pm
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I feel that I can't justifiably bitch about something without seeing it first. And you never know it may just be good. Plus more Holmes on the TV is not a bad thing.

spoilers )
Nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I'll probably even keep watching.
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2012-10-24 08:49 pm
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The Idiot's Lantern

Giving Arrow a try. So far undecided. They get points for using Queen though. And for the digs at Lost and Twilight. Only halfway through so far.

Got Elementary to watch too.

I am also watching:
Warehouse 13
The Vampire Diaries
True Blood
The Walking Dead
White Collar (so happy it's finally back on mah
Red Dwarf

I will be watching:
Fringe (only 13 eps left. So sad face)
Continuum (got it recorded not started it yet)

And I will definitely be watching Derren Brown's Apocalypse. Because he is the awesome (or has he made me think that???)
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2012-10-20 04:15 pm
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Classic nursery rhymes, reinterpreted

Little Miss Muffin
Sat on her tuffing
Eating her curd and hay
Along came a spider
And sat down with her
And took Miss Muffin away

And this is Ex-Cheddar's current favourite nursery rhyme to sing to me in the car.
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2012-10-14 10:07 pm


I really wish SyFy would get rid of the bloke who reads out the tweets in the ad breaks. If I wanted to know what people were tweeting I'd, y'know, go on Twitter.

In other news I love that Artie in Warehouse 13 rides a steampunk Segway.
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2012-10-03 07:06 pm
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A Pond Farewell

Doctor Who has had the best hashtags on Twitter this mini series. But I think the one I’ve appropriated for my title is the best one.

”spoilers, )

And you know what, I missed the Christmas trailer that was on at the end. Gutted.
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2012-09-26 08:07 pm
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Apparently it’s been three years since Resistance came out. It really doesn’t feel like it. Although it really has been that long as I couldn’t go to the Resistance tour as I was due to give birth the same week as the concert.

Anyhoo, new album. Already loads of people are hating on it. But I like the way that by streaming it you can try before you buy. (Let’s face it, there’s enough of us fans out there who have already pre-ordered it to get it into the top ten.)

I really like the start to this one. It reminds me a bit of a James Bond theme with all the sharp violins and then the quietness when Matt starts singing. I wonder if this actually is the song they wrote for the last Bond film (as it was rumoured they were doing). Close your eyes and you can imagine the silhouettes of nude ladies and slo-mo bullets and stuff.
Actually on first listen I really like this one. (But I do have big squishy love for the Classic Bond theme anyway and because that’s what it reminds me of that’s why I’m liking it I think)

I’ve been trying to get the small child to sing along to this on the radio. She doesn’t turn me to turn it off, like she does with 95% of all music on the radio (apart from Nicki Minaj – that’s how she’s going to rebel musically, I can just see it). It does lose points for a bit of an obligatory key change near the end of the song. Naughty Muse.

Panic Station
Like the base. It’s a bit Queeny. Love the guitar and the bass later on in the song. It was my hope that his album would have a lot more base because Chris is an awesome bassist and has been wasted on the last couple of albums.

Reminds me a bit of Butterflies and Hurricanes, (God, I love that song). I’m glad they’re still doing all these little musical interludes.

Yay, the Olympics song! When we were watching the Olympics on the Red Button it always seemed to be on. (That, and David Bowie anyway).

Follow me
That’s definitely a baby’s heartbeat at the start of this one. I know. I spent a lot of time hooked up to a heart monitor. This is the first song on the album so far that is going down the more dubsteppy, electronic route. Like the middle section, don’t really like the lyrics (yeah, I know, shun the non-believer). This is the song that would be on the Twilight soundtrack. And I don’t mean that complimentary.

Like this one, a lot. Like the guitar and the instrumentally bits and the last section. Reminds me of Showbiz Muse.

Really like this one too.It’s nice and gentle. I’m humming along to it at work. I’m getting some funny looks. And I don’t care. It’s really un-Muse-y, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Big Squeeze
Another rather upbeat sounding song.

Save me
Really like this one too. Like the guitar and the harmonies.

Liquid State
Ooh rocky. I miss rocking out Muse ever such a lot.

The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Dubstep-tastic and the start of it reminds me of the titles for Torchwood. Love the choral stuff, don’t like the dubstep bits.

The 2nd Law: Isolated System
Uses lots of samples and soundbites. Reminds me a bit of a Prodigy song, not much, just a tiny bit. Can’t think what it’s called though.

In conclusion
On first listen I like it a lot more than I did Resistance. It’s more cheery and positive I think that the last couple of albums have been. Maybe fatherhood is mellowing Matt, who knows? I was a bit concerned it was going to be massively dubstep, especially after hearing Unsustainable, I’m glad that Matt was just trolling.

(And no, it’s not as good as OoS, but none of their albums ever are and also blah blah Twihards get off my lawn)

In other news, a month until I go to see them in concert. Woot!
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2012-09-19 08:27 pm
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2012-09-06 05:56 pm
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Who is now a qualified Business Admin NVQ Assessor?

I am!

Just had confirmation of my certification come though. Apparently the IV thought it was a very good portfolio.

Woot again!
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2012-09-02 06:41 am
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Doctor Who

Oh here be spoilers, lots and lots of spoilers about last night's episode.

spoilers! )

In Conclusion:
A solid opener marred by a few inconsistencies, but I'm just happy that Doctor Who is back, it's been toooooooo long!

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2012-08-02 06:40 pm
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Here be spoilers for that there new Doctor Who trailer. (Which is here if you've not already seen it)

random ponderings )

So saying that it's back this Autumn means a September start then, yeah? I'm a bit excited now. Bring it on!
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2012-07-25 08:07 pm
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I don't think I'm green thumbed

The bastard slugs have now got to my courgettes and eaten all the courgettes and the sudden hot weather how caused a mildew to form on the leaves. They were going so well too.

I think next year I'll put them in hanging baskets (as apparently they grow well in them). We have 5 sunflowers left from the original 10 we planted , they're about two foot high now, but a bit spindly looking I'm protecting them with this gravelly slug deterrent I got from the poundshop. It's hedgehog/cat/baby friendly which is a plus.

At least the plum trees have got loads of plums on them and the rhubarb is looking quite impressive.

Now I'm starting to plan growing for next year. I'm stocking up on bigger pots for my tomatoes and once the peas have been harvested we're going to start work on slug-proofing the veggie patch (gravel moats, copper pipe round the edges, buried water pipes to water the roots but not the surface of the soil, that sort of thing). I've even been out and bought a pile a hanging basket brackets ready for my courgettes for next year.

At least ex-Cheddar's nursery veggie patch is going well, so she will get to eat veggies she's grown herself after all.
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2012-06-11 07:30 pm

Meet the veggies

So the year is progressing and our veggies are growing. Not as good as they should be, but not surprising considering the vast amount of rain we're having at the moment. As a side effect of the rain the slug population in my back garden has exploded and they are eating everything they can get to.

photos behind the cut )

Not pictured: two planters (similar to the courgette ones but three tier) full of my back up lettuce, again propped to prevent slug access and growing great. Every time we go into the back garden the small child helps herself to a handful.

And that is exactly why I wanted to grow veggies in the first place. I want her to know where her food comes from and I want everything in the back garden to be edible. She's not been too interested in the whole growing this this year, but as she gets a bit older she will and she's going to reap the benefits (and eat her body weight in plums again this year as the plum trees are full of fruit again).
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2012-05-23 10:32 pm

Oh yeah, thanks for that.

Thanks to the hot sunny weather the house is creaking and it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs.
Me (to His Lordship): just go upstairs and check will you?
(His Lordship goes upstairs. Stomps around. Comes back down.)
His Lordship: there's no one upstairs. Apart from this scarred bloke standing by your side of the bed. He called himself Pipes (laughs)

Tonight I'll be lying in bed with this face on O_O

Thanks for the oncoming nightmares.
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2012-05-23 07:16 pm

It's sunny!

Oh it pleases me that it's finally decided to stop raining and the sun's come out! I've been celebrating the fact by spending an hour every evening in the back garden painting the fences. I believe it is an English tradition or something.

The main reason that I'm glad that it's stopped raining is that it means it is going to be dry on Saturday night when I do the Midnight Walk. (You can still sponsor me by going here) There's nothing worse than a 10k walk in the pouring rain when you want to be in bed.

I've got to go out tomorrow and buy about half a ton of glow in the dark tat from the poundshop. At least you'll be able to see me coming :)

In other news Bilbo has decided that the to of the fridge is his new favourite place in the world. He likes to pat you on the head when you go into it, which is less fun (for me at least)