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To be honest I'm really pleased at the news. He wasn't who I imagined they'd cast (having thought Team BBCWales would go for another younger prettier man).

I thought he was brill in Children of Earth and I think he brings the gravitas so the rabid lot of GB can eff off with their "but he doesn't have gravitas" nonsense they spout each time a new Doctor is announced (same goes for you Jo Whiley). (Sorry for the somewhat run on sentence there)

It appears that when it comes to casting the Thirteenth Doctor or the next companion we should be looking at the cast lists of Fires of Pompeii :D

In almost completely unrelated news Rufus Hound looks like a completely different person without his facial hair.
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Spoilers that have eaten way too much Christmas pud:
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Spoilers for next half series
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Doctor Who has had the best hashtags on Twitter this mini series. But I think the one I’ve appropriated for my title is the best one.

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And you know what, I missed the Christmas trailer that was on at the end. Gutted.
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Oh here be spoilers, lots and lots of spoilers about last night's episode.

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In Conclusion:
A solid opener marred by a few inconsistencies, but I'm just happy that Doctor Who is back, it's been toooooooo long!

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Here be spoilers for that there new Doctor Who trailer. (Which is here if you've not already seen it)

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So saying that it's back this Autumn means a September start then, yeah? I'm a bit excited now. Bring it on!
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So, who else is planning on going to the Doctor Who Convention?

Possible annual meet-up event?

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Oh Doctor Who, how I've missed you. Although the new series is tinged with bittersweetness due to the sad news about Elisabeth Sladen this week. It was nice of them to put a little dedication to her at the start.

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RIP Nick Courtney.

You had the best moustache on the BBC.


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