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Am very much enjoying telly at the moment. The Sky+ box is getting A SEVERE working out. I just wish the series link feature would work a little bit more often.

Merlin )

Flashforward )

Chuck )

Top Gear )

James May's Toy Stories )

Got lots of stuff to look forward to next year, Sky have already started to run trailers for Lost \o/ and I'd quite like to see V. I'll finish watching Dollhouse (because I'm a Whedon completist) and there's the new series of Chuck and that's about it.

What new series should I be watching flist?
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Current flist reading skip=160. Blimey, that's since Friday evening when I last checked it.

Had a couple of hours of my day sucked away into the supermassive blackhole of the interwebs researching glass fusing schedules and how to reduce the number of bubbles in my pieces. It was very informative and I've got a pile of things to try and my next few test fuses.

Been playing the demo for LocoRoco 2. They're singing about McDonald's, honestly.

Went to a good friend's suprise welcome home party last night and a lot of lovely fun was had. There loads of embarrasing stories. Bless.

Strictly Come Dancing )

Aww, last one. I'm sad. I've really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year, it's all so nicely set up.

Top Gear
So, where on the interwebs do people talk abut what the Morse Code is? And I want one of those Honda's, although it will be annoying to have to go to the University of Birmingham every time I wanted to fill up with hydrogen.
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Top Gear, the only car magazine show that requires a spoiler cut )

Survivors )

and I saw Southland Tales too )

Started designing a new level on LittleBigPlanet and all of a sudden two hours had passed. I'd done barely anything woes. So this is where you lot come in, I'm going to make my level a community level (once I figure out how) and if you're on my PS3 friends list you can add fiendish traps and level design to my level and make it awesomecakes.

Still a bit poorly. But going back to work tomorrow.
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via [livejournal.com profile] spiralsheep: Welsh ghost slugs! Appearing soon in an episode of Torchwood near you. Is this proof of a slug afterlife? (Does that make South Wales slug heaven?

via [livejournal.com profile] staceyuk: The Doctor goes for a spin on the TG test track as star in a reasonably priced TARDIS. And here's David's original race
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Oh dear God. I didn't think I'd ever finish today's [livejournal.com profile] who_daily. And that was just skipping over the million reaction posts. Have a lot to say about Who this week. Will endevour to get the 'Illustrated...' post up quickly this week. (And I still need to do Midnight's too).

Top Gear - I don't even like cars )

Made some sweet potato, parsnip and red onion soup. It is complete delicious!

Also had some emergency DIY due to the ridiculous high winds we suffered through today. But more on that in another post.

Been watching His Lordship play Metal Gear Solid this weekend (spoilers) )
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Top Gear: David Tennant was pwnd by Billie Piper. This amuses me so much. However, there is still no proof that David Tennant and Richard Hammond are seperate people though as there was no point where they were on screen together. Oh and Mr Tennant looked like a lollipop in his helmet. Bless. Did like the golden brown (texture like sun) velvet jacket though. Love the fact that the Stig is so rock hard that he barely flinched as Jeremy Clarkson unsteered past him. Very surprised that they didn't take the piss out of May more for his Heat Award (maybe on the uncut news then). Mrs Stig swimming in the pool made me do an actual LOL.

James May on girls toys: I owned:
[x] Fuzzy Felt (only mine pwnd his sisters: I had horror ff, fantasty ff and all sorts. I also had the hospital one that appeared on screen)
[x] Girl's World (Fact: Trainee hairdressers actually use them in one of our local colleges)
[x] Major Morgan - only mine was one of the infinitely cooler blue ones and not a rubbishy modern red one
[x] Spirograph - I was actually okay at it and didn't make too many mistakes. I wouldn't mind one of those giant Spirograph artworks.
[x] Sylvanian Families - we didn't have the dolls house but my sister did have a gypsy caravan.
[x] My sister had one of those treehouse things that James May really, really hated.

Richard Hammond meets Evel Kinevel:
What a very strange man (Evel, not Hammond). Not surprising considering he's been dropped on his head so many times (and then had a motorbike land on it) Although the running away (and it was) on a golfcart was very, very strange. Why bother arranging a meeting with him if you weren't going to go through with the interview?

Hmm, it's been a very Top Geary night tonight.

Channel four 100 best Christmassy moments: (or whatever it was called)
Nice to see a high rating for Father Ted, because it was made of awesome.
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Blimey, it's a bit nippy at the moment. Of course it doesn't help when someone switches OFF the central heating. *shivers*

Thanks to Anime Central I'm working my way through a few different animes at the moment. And for free, hoorah.

Currently I'm mostly watching:

.hack // sign - It's okay, but I'm not really getting into it, it's a bit like watching someone else play a MMORPG. Although it seems to be very sparsely populated. Maybe it's a quiet server.

Wolf's Rain - I missed the first two episodes and have had a bit of trouble getting up to speed, but I do quite like it. it annoying clashes ith loads of other stuff, so I'm having to catch up with episode guides ere and there which is of the suck. The opening theme is 80s MOR Soft Rock-tastic though.

Cowboy Bebop - Really liking this one. Love how fluid all the movement is, especially all the fighty stuff. Again it clashes with other stuff so I am dropping episodes left right and centre, but because they're all pretty much self contained you're able to dip in and out.

Afro Samurai - It's got Samuel L Jackson and Ron Perlman in it. What is there not to like? Amazingly violent, really well drawn and coloured, very stylised. Liked it very much.

Bleach - dubbed Bleach is so strange. I've got so used to watching the subtitled version, it does take a bit of getting used to. (Not really watching it (unless I'm waiting for something else to come on and there' nothing else on t'telly). But Anime Central are onto Season 2 (aka the one with my favourite theme toon) so I can sing along at home.

I am watching some normal telly too.

Loved Top Gear last night, and I don't even like cars all that much (other than using them to get from A to B). I think Richard Hammond being in love with his 43 year old African car (Oliver) is so sweet. I worry that Jeremy is going to drop it into the Bristol Channel though.

And Long Way Down does have the added bonus of Ewan McGregor, even if it is a bit bikey. :D I didn't realise you could actually go into the pyramids, I always thought you could only admire them from the outside. The tombs that were carved into the banks of the Nile are really cool too. I'm enjoying this more than Long Way Round.

QI is still awesome. But that's just a bit obvious.

And of course, my beloved Prison Break, Prison Break is on tonight.

Happy that Never Mind the Buzzcocks is back on Thursday;
May give The Mighty Boosh another go because their trailer makes me LOL so much;
Screenwipe is back Wednesday, I've really missed Charlie Brooker being all miserable on mah telleh.
And best of all Omid Djalili's show starts on Saturday. I luff him. He makes me laugh until my sides hurt a bit.

Oh, and I've heard there's some three-minute thing with David Tennant on Friday. I may watch that. If I can be bothered. :)


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