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Friday was horrible. took the best part of 3 hours to get home, there were a couple of bits where I couldn't grip the road and so many knobbers who drive too fast and too close. Driving up the street to my street (which is uphill) I was basically knocking off the kerbs on each side of the road. Not fun at all. And out drive slopes downwards so I couldn't park on it without the fear of hitting the house.

Friday afternoon was spent teaching Ex-Cheddar how to make snow angels and throw snowballs. (Her snowball throwing is nearly as bad as mine)

Saturday was spent making a 'better' snowman with Daddy and causing wanton vandalism to mine. (The cheeky gets pushed mine over!)

Sunday I ventured out for the weekly shop which wasn't too terrifying but it's snowed a couple of centimetres here this evening and is showing no sign off letting up so I'm not feeling massively hopeful about getting to work tomorrow. Unless we take the bus. Which I think Ex-Cheddar will love.

Today we made this:

He has been named Snowtoro.

Off to go and find some bus timetables.
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Little Miss Muffin
Sat on her tuffing
Eating her curd and hay
Along came a spider
And sat down with her
And took Miss Muffin away

And this is Ex-Cheddar's current favourite nursery rhyme to sing to me in the car.
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[info]sal101010 asked to see my living room with either Bilbo or Ex-Cheddar in it. Bilbo was out but you do get the bonus of His Lordship's feet.

It's not usually this tidy, but we (the baby and I) have a tidy up session before Waybaloo, it's a before-bedtime rule.

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...Ex-Cheddar is being taught French at nursery. FRENCH!! She's two! Yesterday she found the rouge sticklebrick and the bleu sticklebrick and later on was able to tell me what colour they were. And the traffic lights were rouge this morning (so I think she's actually retained this knowledge).

I know that this is the best age to teach a small child other languages because they pick them up so quickly. (Brains like a sponge and all that)

I just wish it was so easy to be able to potty train her but stubborn baby is stubborn. hey mums/dads on my flist - if you've got any tips I'm more than willing to hear them.
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The thermometer in the conservatory (where Ex-Cheddar's toys live) is saying -5•c.


And a certain Ex-Cheddar wants to play out there (due to the toys) so we've been out there in hats, scarves and gloves. Our neighbours must think we're very strange.
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Bilbo was minding his business on the orch when we were leaving this morning. Ex-Cheddar came out and kicked Bilbo. Completely unprovoked. We told her off and told her to apologise but she refused.

When we got home she went straight over to Bilbo, hugged him and kissed him on the head before saying "sorry Bilbo. Kicking." then she pointed to herself and added "Meanie."

I think we can bring her up right after all.

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November 7th, 2010 07:56 pm
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His Lordship was copying over photos from the camera memory card onto the computer and managed to corrupt the whole card meaning I've lost ALL the photos from Ex-Cheddar's Naming Ceremony, ALL the pictures of her opening her birthday presents and ALL THE PHOTOS FROM HER FIRST BIRTHDAY! (plus all the photos I took through November, like the video of her first solo underwater swim, all the photos from Longleat - so much for that Picspam)

I am absolutely devastated.
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I have a question for you.

As some of you are aware, I'm currently organising a Naming Ceremony for ex-Cheddar. As it's a non-religious ceremony we have no hymns to sing so what can we sing in their place?

Have any of you been to a naming before and can remember what you sung (if you sung anything?)

Many thanks in advance o all-knowing flist!
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I've had a very productive day already today. By 9am I'd done:
The washing up
Three loads of washing
Cleaned the bathroom
Vacuumed downstairs

I admit, i'm slacking now playing with ex-Cheddar and watching White Collar. We've got an extra session of Waterbabies in a bit. Ex-Cheddar has now started swimming by herself under water which is really impressive.

Other plans for the day include writing up more of ex-Cheddar's journal- i'm so behind on it; chasing up my enamel order and sending off my sponsor money from my Midnight Walk.

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in a very small way (in the grand scheme of things).

Today, ex-Cheddar has been an outside!baby for exactly as long as she was in inside!baby. (I am immensely glad that she didn't come out her current size though.


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