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Admittedly I'm only two episodes into this series of Merlin, but it's been really rather good hasn't it?

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Current flist reading skip=160. Blimey, that's since Friday evening when I last checked it.

Had a couple of hours of my day sucked away into the supermassive blackhole of the interwebs researching glass fusing schedules and how to reduce the number of bubbles in my pieces. It was very informative and I've got a pile of things to try and my next few test fuses.

Been playing the demo for LocoRoco 2. They're singing about McDonald's, honestly.

Went to a good friend's suprise welcome home party last night and a lot of lovely fun was had. There loads of embarrasing stories. Bless.

Strictly Come Dancing )

Aww, last one. I'm sad. I've really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year, it's all so nicely set up.

Top Gear
So, where on the interwebs do people talk abut what the Morse Code is? And I want one of those Honda's, although it will be annoying to have to go to the University of Birmingham every time I wanted to fill up with hydrogen.
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I think I'm soming down with a cold. :( I've got a constant drip out of one nostril and my sinsuses and my cheeks (!) are aching. Pah. I really hoped to be cold free this winter. It appears not to be.

Merlin )

Doctor Who )

The beginnings of the Gene Hunt/Richard Hammond shippy movement )
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I think this is pretty much my most favourite of all the glass pieces I've made so far.

(Apologies for the bonus shot of my pasty chest. ahem)

more glass fusing blathering )

[livejournal.com profile] redscharlach has made the most brilliant Merlin icons. Run, don't walk to this here post. (I'm a little bit in love with my new default icon).

Via [livejournal.com profile] hoplessfangirl: New Lost teaser trailer. I'm ever so rather excited. Although I am still majorly pissed off with Desmond.

Still playing LittleBigPlanet. I've had a bit of a costume change and made some new friends, *waves* hi guys.

I think my little star deely-boppers are stylin'!

His Lordship has made a level, it's called Rocket Bang Bang. be kind, it's his first ever attempt. I think it's fiendish and also spiffy.
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Fringe: Have finally got it into my head that Joshua Jackson's character in this is called Peter and not Pacey. It's only taken four weeks. I know it's a bit of an X-Files rip-off and the gun the bad guy blokey was using had pinched the sound effect from Stargate but I am really enjoying it.

Strictly Come Dancing: watching Rachel S-Club and Vincent last night has made me want to take up Jive classes. I've been thwarted due to the fact all everyone seems to want to learn is salsa. My town is having a serious case of fail.

Heroes: I'd watch a show that was just Hiro and Ando. I luff them!

Chuck: Is giving me massive smiles. Moar Morgan though please.

Reaper: Just finished watching the penultimate episode of series 1. Which left me with a bit of a o_0 although that plot point was rather obviously signposted from quite early on in the series.

Merlin: Why didn't King Giles notice that his new guests were carrying staffs that looked ever so similar to the Gandalf? Surely it would have been a bit of a giveaway. Just saying. I'm definitely loving Merlin more than Robin Hood though. I think it's down to merlin being about 100 times less annoying than Robin which is then bolstered by the awesome that is ASH and Richard Wilson.
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LOLMerlin )

Heroes )

Bones )

I'm liking the sound of Charlie Brooker's Dead Set for a number of reasons:
a) It's written by Charlie Brooker - the world's most pissed off TV critic
b) It's a zombie apocalypse on Big Brother eviction night
c) It's got loads of ex-BB housemates in it (hopefully being violently killed by aforementioned zombies)
d) I'm loving the website: http://www.e4.com/deadset
(It starts 27th October on E4 by the way)
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Little Big Planet has now been pre-ordered. You will not see me for about a month when it first comes out because I'll be cocking about on it so much.

[livejournal.com profile] casirafics linked to two brilliant LBP beta test levels and this is why I want the game, look at the stuff you can do!

Build a calculator! (Wait until the camera pans out at the end OMG!)
Make music, literally with the levels (I want to dress my little Sack!Girl as Lulu please.)
Plus it's narrated by Stephen Fry, who, by all accounts thinks it's quite brilliant.


In other gaming news I had a dream last night that I had a SingStar party round my (suddenly massive) house and Matt Bellamy was there having a sing-off to Supermassive Black Hole (sadly not available in rl on SingStar) against His Lordship and his brother. Matt Bellamy lost. I was so shocked I actually woke up. God's honest truth.

And on the subject of SingStar they've released two Queen songpacks, including such gems as Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions and I Want to Break Free. In regards to the last song, I hope to be seeing many videos on SingStar Online of blokes in drag with fake moustaches and vacuum cleaners.


Got my watch parts off eBay today, soon be be seen in another jewellery making project. Won't have time to do anything before the weekend though.


I have been watching a fair bit of telly too. Mainly because the Sky+ box is down to about 3% free. Woes.

Fringe )

Merlin )

Never Mind the Buzzcocks )

The Beautiful People
Absolutely awful. Why does this sub BBC Three crap keep getting commissioned? Why?

Big Cat Diaries )
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Thanks to the wonders of the BBC iPlayer I'm watching Merlin and making a few scattered notes as I watch.

I am the last person in the country to see Merlin )

I was talking to a friend today about how if Merlin was in Heroes or X-Men he'd just be considered another normal lad who by quirk of DNA has evolved beyond homo sapiens but stick him in a historial setting and he becomes the greatest magician of all time. (If he was in Torchwood Jack would just want to flirt with him, much to Ianto's annoyance, after all they've got apocalypses (apocalypsii?) to advert.) Discuss.

It's only telekinesis after all.

Ha, only.

And now I'm going to watch Lost in Austen.


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