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Do the US TV networks want me to start playing outside?

  • First they cancelled Pushing Daisies, now they're looking to axe the quite brilliant Chuck (where am I going to get my hour of pretty nerds and bonus Baldwin now?)
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles looks like it's not being renewed
  • Prison Break has 4 episodes left (starting back on Sky Next TUESDAY woot!)
  • And Reaper may not get renewed either.

So all I've got to watch next year is:
Heroes (shortened series, mid season a la Lost)
Fringe (which is getting very, very good now)

And on British telly:
Doctor Who
Being Human
Animal Park


In other news:
[x] Disney re-use their animation
[x] Pushing Daisies to live on as a comic
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Blimey, it's a bit windy tonight, innit? My flower pots have gone skittering across the garden never to be seen again, poor old Small Faced-Kitten nearly got blown away climbing the fence into our garden. I had to go out and rescue him and he's now sat on the kitchen windowsill looking ruffled and grumpy.

Bilbo's asleep and trying very hard to ignore the fact the wind is making the house vibrate.

Top Chuck casting news with fills me with ACTUAL JOY AND SQUEEEEEEEE! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl!
Franz Ferdinand album information
Has Pushing Daisies fallen flat?
Lost series 5 promo trailer - I still love you Lost. I'd love you more if you brought back a certain Mr Charles Pace though.

And I've just lost the bin to a rogue gust of wind. BRB have to go rubbish collecting. :(
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Yay for there being lots of telly!

Pushing Daisies 2x01 )

Heroes 3x01 )

His Lordship rang me straight after Heroes last night to make sure I was distracted and not turning over to watch episode two on BBC Three. What a meanie.

And one question to leave you with:

If you had a superpower what would it be?
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[livejournal.com profile] who_daily = skip=450. My hands are dead from typing. And the E has completely disappeared off the E key. Im ay need a new keyboard as I can't find my e-key now, even though I touch type (obviously my typing isn't that touchy)

Am immensely disappointed by the complete and total lack of commentaries (or any other extra) on the Pushing Daisies boxset (they don't even have animated menus, even crap DVD's have them). However I think I'm a bit in love with Ned (I think superficially it's the fact he's tall, lanky and has dark hair, bit like my bit in loveness with Chuck from Chuck. Not Chuck from Pushing Daisies)

Still haven't really recovered from the cat sick incident although my duvet should be nearly dry now. I shall have to cat proof it just in case. I do wish I'd woken up quicker. Bilbo is now aware that if he does it again that he's off to the vets for a check-up.
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Randomly linked: one of the kids down our street had got one of those wind-up flying Rex's. It's rather cute. And it flies really well.

Oh Sky+ you really are made of awesome.

Spoilahs )

TV related randomness:
They're making a TV show based on X Factor. FAIL.
Pushing Daisies on actual proper telly. WIN!!! Please, please please watch it when ITV start showing it.
I LOVE Ant and Dec! If you can dodge a spanner you can dodge a ball!
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I'm ignoring my modly responsbilities very irresponsibily this evening and enjoying a nice portion of Pushing Daisies, cos I love it so.

Spoilers for episode 7 )
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Woot, catching up. On episode 6.

On a sort f related note. His Lordship got as far as Olive closing up shop in episode 2 and declared that he was never going to watch any more. This makes me a bit sad. He's obviously a bit rubbish. (Although he'd definitely disagree)

spoilers )
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spoilers! )
Still loving this show very much.
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I am still loving this and it's technicolour wonderfullness.

spoilers )
I do hope this is Weebl and Bob's favourite show. PIE!

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I'm still playing catch up

spoilahs )

8/10 because I loved it, even if there was 100% less musical numbers than last week.


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