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Oh it pleases me that it's finally decided to stop raining and the sun's come out! I've been celebrating the fact by spending an hour every evening in the back garden painting the fences. I believe it is an English tradition or something.

The main reason that I'm glad that it's stopped raining is that it means it is going to be dry on Saturday night when I do the Midnight Walk. (You can still sponsor me by going here) There's nothing worse than a 10k walk in the pouring rain when you want to be in bed.

I've got to go out tomorrow and buy about half a ton of glow in the dark tat from the poundshop. At least you'll be able to see me coming :)

In other news Bilbo has decided that the to of the fridge is his new favourite place in the world. He likes to pat you on the head when you go into it, which is less fun (for me at least)

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We've come back from our weekend away and found a limpy Bilbo.

I've checked his paw and it's not cut or bruised and the joints not swollen and I can't see any swelling on his leg so I think it's his shoulder.

I'm going to keep an eye on it and if he's still limping on Thursday I'm taking him to the V E T S.

It's certainly not stopping him from getting around, which is good. So hopefully it's not too bad. *crosses fingers*

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This weekend was this cat's birthday.

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Happy Birthday Bilbo. May you have many many more of them

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Bilbo was minding his business on the orch when we were leaving this morning. Ex-Cheddar came out and kicked Bilbo. Completely unprovoked. We told her off and told her to apologise but she refused.

When we got home she went straight over to Bilbo, hugged him and kissed him on the head before saying "sorry Bilbo. Kicking." then she pointed to herself and added "Meanie."

I think we can bring her up right after all.

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Keep taking photos of me Missy and I'll claw your face off!

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Took Bilbo to the vets in our local petshop on Sunday. He wasn't very happy about it. We saw a really nice French vet who poked and prodded Bilbo mercilessly. Bilbo didn't take kindly to it and tried to take a chunk out of his forearm.

The good news was that he couldn't find a blockage or swelling or anything. And gave him an antibiotic shot and sent us home.

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I'm to take him back in about a week to see how he's doing. He's started eating again today and actually ran into the kitchen to beg for tuna so he must be feeling better.

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That silly old ginger cat is EIGHT today! Eight! That's like 56 in human years.
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[x] Soldiers saving little ginger cats from war zones. As a ginger cat, Bilbo approves of this.

[x] The ultimate game of stuff on my cat. Bilbo does not approve this and has warned me that I will lose my face should I have a go at doing it with him.
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I had a really productive morning this morning. I did 2 loads of washing, the washing up, cleaned the bathroom and tidied our bedroom. And all before 10.30am. Baby Formerly Known as Cheddar and Bilbo were on supervisory duties.

Today was also a day of sadness in the hourse as Bilbo went for his yearly visit to the vets for his booster injections. As mentioned in previous vet visit posts, Bilbo does not like going to the vets, not one little bit and will fight me tooth and claw to go into th cat basket and cry and howl all the way there and sit in the waiting room howling and crying too. He knew there was something up when I nipped up the loft for his cat basket. However, me, being occassionally cunning, had closed all the doors to the outside world so there was no escape for him and dropped a towel over him so that he'd fight the towel and be distracted when I put him in the cat basket.

It worked too!

He still cried in the car all the way there though. Poor little ginger. Luckily at the vets there were no dogs or other cats there so he moped in miserable silence. When we were called in to see the vet there was a nurse on stand by with a big towel in case he tried to do a runner. But after 7 years of this he's resigned himself now and just huddled miserably in his cat basket and let them poke him with needles. The Vet didn't even need his protective gloves (honestly, you'd think Bilbo was a bit grumpy when he went to the vets!)

We were in out and on our way home in less than five minutes. It was brilliant.

Now I'm going to have great fun cleaning all the "your email is over its size limit" emails that have filled up my work email account.

Bilbo's not talking to me now though. He thinks I'm a mean primary food giver and there's no snuggles for me. I am currently being shunned.

Hopefully, in a few days he will have forgotten all about it and he'll love me again. Which is good as I need to take him back some time in the near future to get his teeth cleaned again. Oh noes!


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