February 7th, 2010 05:13 pm
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Teh Tennant is doing the voiceover to the new Wii advert. I chuckled inappropriately when he said 'wii'. Yes, I am 12. Obviously.
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Stuff for my flist:
If you have a Paid or Permanent account, you can send up to 10 LiveJournal Basic/Plus users a $10 coupon for an annual paid subscription now through January 15th, 2010. Recipients can upgrade for $9.95 (instead of $19.95) for one year by enrolling in our automatic payment plan or make a manual payment of $15 (instead of $25). Please note that these coupons are not transferable and cannot be used to renew existing paid accounts.

So if you want a coupon, leave me a comment.

Someone stole the sign from Auschwitz

JJ Abrams is working on another new TV show, which i like the sound of

2009 in photos

Watching the Take That concert on ITV at the moment
[x] It really was a no expense spared gg wasn't it?
[x] Not enough old TT songs.
[x] I'm very sad at the lack of jelly and icecream during Do What You Like. Oh old skool TT you'll always have a special place in my heart.
[x] Yay old TT songs! Even if it is in a medley
[x] Mark's silver trousers are very eye-drawing. OMG!

The Doctor Who Buzzcocks did make me laugh rather a lot, but it also made me cringe in embarrasment too.
[x] Bernard Cribbins is a god of a man, he made me laugh so much. And he's a sharp as a pin too with perfect comedy timing. Him and Brian Blessed should join forces and fight crime with their AWESOME
[x] David's Tennant's love of Coldplay has torn me. (I can't stand them.)
[x] Noel Fielding's donkey ear hat would go really nicely with the cape he was wearing last week.
[x] I want whatever Catherine Tate was on.
[x] Jamie Cullen. Why?
[x] I am embarrassed that I couldn't guess the Muse track on the intros round. I am a bad bad Muse fan. The Matt Bellamy 'facts' afterwards gave me a chuckle though.

I want one of these bow-ties for Bilbo

Panto stuffs!!!
  • Have you all got your hotels booked yet?
  • Have you sorted out how you're getting to Cardiff?
  • Do you all have my phone number?
  • Please can I be texted Monday morning to remind me to pick up the tickets. (I am sleep deprived, I am very likely to forget)
  • [ profile] doylefan22 is Piper's friend still taking the spare ticket?
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Go and appear in the sequel to a very rubbish St Trinian's film:

David Tennant Joins St Trinians 2

It's detention time for David Tennant as he goes from Time Lord to House Master for St Trinians II: The Legend Of Fritton's Gold.

As if one installment wasn't bad enough, the girls in small uniforms are back - and they're ready for a spot of gold-digging. Searching for the hidden treasure of the legendary Fritton's Gold, the film will see Tennant sizing up to the girls as their arch-nemesis, the mysterious misogynist Pomfrey - part of a woman-hating secret society called AD1.


It does also star the awesome Shaz from Ashes to Ashes, but I don't think even the pair of them will save this film.

Even icon!David is shocked by this news.
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I had some junk mail through from and I notices that their newly re-imagined mascot bears a striking resemblance to a certain someone a lot of us are rather familiar with

I wonder what insurance bracket a TARDIS would be? )

Yes, this post really wouldn't be out of place on [ profile] doctorwho. I dare someone to post it. Dare you.
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Before I start, there are no pictures of David Tennant here. My camera is made of fail and decided not to work for the majority of the day. But I think you all know what he looks like (very tall, very thin, sentient hair). However, lots of our group were less failworthy and got loads of brilliant pictures.

Thursday )
Friday )
Saturday - pre-Hamlet )
the Main Event )
the rest of Saturday )

Next morning I headed off to the V festival and another post about that will be coming later.

And that was pretty much the weekend in a (very long) nutshell.
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  • Stephen Fry was the first or second person in the UK to own an Apple Mac. So I've been told today. Can anyne tell me if this is true?

  • Stephen Fry is also doing all the narration for the awesome Little Big Planet (and once it's out all my PowerPoint presentations will be transformed into LBP levels like at the E3 Sony this is how much money we made" presentation)

  • Anyone know when LocoRoco 2's coming out? I need my little singing yellow blobs.

  • New Hamlet photos. Shallow Shakespeare fan is shallow

  • Via [ profile] txvoodoo: surf LJ and other sites blocked by your mean IT department at work!

  • Re-reading Watchmen at the moment.

  • Made sweet potato, red onion and red pepper souap tonight. It was yummy.

  • I need to remember to put my tax disc in the car tomorrow. Else I'll get in trouble.

  • Why can't I score higher than this on this song on SingStar?

(My Chesney!love let me show you it)
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The awesome Gok Wan is on Richard & Judy and there was something not qite right with him and I couldn't work out what it was for the longest time. Then I realised that he's wearing black-rimmed glasses. I made made of fail.


I was watching the mighty JLC playing arrers last night in Sky One. Other than commenting on JLC's awesomesauce-ness I wanted to comment on just how cute his little boy is. Really, he's the funniest little chap.

I will be joining in the what's in my bag meme in a future post.

Pushing Daisies came in the post for me from the lovely HMV. This pleases me greatly. However I've been ordered to borrow it out to the family so they can see the episode ITV axed (aka my favourite episode of the run)

I also ordered Chuck which should be here in August.

I have much adoration for HMV at the moment who are managing to sell boxsets at a competitive price to the region one Play imports. These are the first two US series boxsets I've bought on Region Two. All my Lost ones have been R1.

Doctor Who ep 12 spoilers )

Also in Doctor Who news: David Tennant allegedly offered £1.3million a series to stay on beyond the specials. I think he's more worth the money than Jonathan Ross's £18million was.


And to finish off a quite interactive meme:

Please be filling in the blanks:

You are the ___________ to my ___________.
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Is David Tennant doing the new learndirect adverts? It certainly sounds like him.

(I can pick out his voice even when in the back garden it seems.)
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I forgot David Tennant was doing The Friday Night Project tonight. Bad Times.

But I remembered about half ten and when I turned the telly over he was tied to a bed in his pants! Good Times.

And who was the ruffler? Good Work there. That was some top quality ruffling.

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