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I am having much hate with our postal service[1] at the moment

1) My Derren Brown tickets have gone missing in the post. Cue me spending nearly 35 minutes on the phone to TicketMaster on Saturday to get the original tickets cancelled and new tickets to be waiting for me at the Box Office. *

2) My postal voting forms have gone missing in the post. My wonderfully corrupt council have been quite unhelpful about it (I even offered to go down to the Council Offices and complete my postal voting form there and then - but they wouldn't have any of it). They told us to fill out a proxy voting form (which means my MiL would be voting for me). His Lordship took the proxy forms to the Council Offices today to hand them in and the refused to take them as it was ONE MINUTE PAST FIVE! So we won't be voting in the General Election and the whole thing can go and DIAF.

3) A cheque [livejournal.com profile] doylefan22 sent me the other week hasn't turned up yet either.

[1] not with our postman because he is awesome and teased me when he cycled past me yesterday morning when I was walking to baby!group. (Usually when I answer the door to him I'm in my jammies)

*This then led to me spending 25 minutes on hold to the theatre to make sure that their box office will actually be open when we get to the theatre for me to get the tickets.
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spoilers! )
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spoilers )

For those of you who don't care about our mind-controlling overlord, please have a kitten:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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I enjoyed this week' week's Derren Brown a lot more than last week's. cut for spoilers )
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Well His Lordship and I didn't stick to the sofa. Did any of you?
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Apparently a mouse can live in the human intestine for three days.

I still don't know how derren did it. I get how plausible it could be but if it was so easy why aren't more syndicates winning?

Next week's looks very interesting. I recommend going to the loo beforehand! Anyhoo, aren't subliminal images banned on telly over here?
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1: Radio One are doing a Muse Night on Monday from 7pm-midnight, to celebrate the release of The Resistance. They got a documentary, live Radio One sets they did back in the day and highlights from tonight's gig in Teignmouth. You'll be able to listen live via the interwebs and also catch it on Listen Again.

2: Derren Brown has a new series starting 11th September on Channel 4. Derren wants you to watch it.
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So Derren Brown uses Mind Control to convince four ordinary (yet suggestible people) to rob a security van. What brilliant telly!! I swear, if Derren was so inclined he could take over the world without even batting an eyelid.

Hmmm, maybe we should get him to do the Don't you think Bush looks tired? thing. Let's overthrow governments the easy way.

I'm undecided at the moment if the Derren thing was real or not. The post-hold-up shakes and reactions seemed real enough, you can't act shivers (can you? maybe I missed that class - stupid hangovers). It was like a more elaborate version of the zombie game from the last series of Mind Control.


His Lordship is really getting into Lost, so much so that he's even dreaming about it. A recent dream included the Blair Witch visiting the beach, kidnapping Claire and Sawyer being up a tree (?) (I don't know either).
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Derren Brown – Something Wicked This Way Comes Tour

21st April 2005 – Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham


Before I start my review I’d like you to do something for me. I’ll explain why later.


  • Think of: a yellow flower, a jungle animal and a very simple shape. Go with your instincts. The first thing that comes into your mind and most importantly, DON’T CHANGE IT.
  • Leave a comment to this post with what you’ve thought of.
  • As you’re reading this review think very hard about those three things.


Like I said I’ll explain why later.

and now onto the actual review )

And GIP!


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