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Thanks to the hot sunny weather the house is creaking and it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs.
Me (to His Lordship): just go upstairs and check will you?
(His Lordship goes upstairs. Stomps around. Comes back down.)
His Lordship: there's no one upstairs. Apart from this scarred bloke standing by your side of the bed. He called himself Pipes (laughs)

Tonight I'll be lying in bed with this face on O_O

Thanks for the oncoming nightmares.
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Oh it pleases me that it's finally decided to stop raining and the sun's come out! I've been celebrating the fact by spending an hour every evening in the back garden painting the fences. I believe it is an English tradition or something.

The main reason that I'm glad that it's stopped raining is that it means it is going to be dry on Saturday night when I do the Midnight Walk. (You can still sponsor me by going here) There's nothing worse than a 10k walk in the pouring rain when you want to be in bed.

I've got to go out tomorrow and buy about half a ton of glow in the dark tat from the poundshop. At least you'll be able to see me coming :)

In other news Bilbo has decided that the to of the fridge is his new favourite place in the world. He likes to pat you on the head when you go into it, which is less fun (for me at least)

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[info]dune_drd asked to see:

The place where you do your crafting!

Ta da!

My workspace

Lookit me and my fancypants panoramic photomagraphy! You really an get an app for everything on the iPhone. (You will need to click through to Flickr to see it full sized.)

One of the advantages of having a slightly bigger home is that you don't have to work on the living room floor now. I have a wall of the spare room dedicated to my hobbies. The desk was £20 from IKEA (yes it's a kids one, but it does me fine), the shelving is recycled from the drinks 'cabinet' in the old house and every shelf of that bookcase has four rows of books on it. The little metal filing cabinet was a £25 bargain from IKEA and all the storage boxes are full of beads.

All my 'dangerous' stuff (like my torches and safety pickle) are on the converted spice racks on the left hand side.

The desk is set up for resin work in the picture ad you can see the stuff that's setting on the table, soon to be on sale on the internet. (I just need a name for my shop. Pah.)

The red picture on the wall is of Ex-Cheddar's feet when she was about 3 months old. Her first craft piece. And there's a bunch of [profile] morbid_spark's crocheted grapes in the picture too

All my glass cutting kit is on top of the bookcase along with my first fascinator, which, even if I do say so myself, looked awesome. (I must and a wedding photo to show it off.)

I have a lot of stuff. :/
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[info]chicklet73 asked:

I should love to see a photo of your favorite coffee/tea mug.

This is my work mug, an Olly Moss original based on his Threadless T-shirt (that I was bought when I first announced the Oncoming Cheddar. Always goes down well in meetings. Especially with the big boss

And this s my home mug, a cafepress original of one of my photos. I've had this mug since 2005 and it's starting to look quite battered. But I'll love it and use it daily until I inevitably drop it or the handle falls off.
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[info]sal101010 asked to see my living room with either Bilbo or Ex-Cheddar in it. Bilbo was out but you do get the bonus of His Lordship's feet.

It's not usually this tidy, but we (the baby and I) have a tidy up session before Waybaloo, it's a before-bedtime rule.

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...Ex-Cheddar is being taught French at nursery. FRENCH!! She's two! Yesterday she found the rouge sticklebrick and the bleu sticklebrick and later on was able to tell me what colour they were. And the traffic lights were rouge this morning (so I think she's actually retained this knowledge).

I know that this is the best age to teach a small child other languages because they pick them up so quickly. (Brains like a sponge and all that)

I just wish it was so easy to be able to potty train her but stubborn baby is stubborn. hey mums/dads on my flist - if you've got any tips I'm more than willing to hear them.
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The thermometer in the conservatory (where Ex-Cheddar's toys live) is saying -5•c.


And a certain Ex-Cheddar wants to play out there (due to the toys) so we've been out there in hats, scarves and gloves. Our neighbours must think we're very strange.
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Because it means I have to spend my few free hours in an evening hunting out the best prices for my car insurance. And everything's got so much more expensive over the last 12 months or so. I have 6 years No Claims and still the best quotes I can get is around the £400 mark. 2 years ago, with just 4 years No Claims and a car that was worth a lot more I was paying £250 a year for my insurance.

I'd love to get rid of the car but having to take public transport to work works out at about £1000 a year more expensive than driving (that includes the extra childcare costs) so it's just not worth it and it would take me nearly 2 hours to do the 13 miles to work. 2 hours on a bus with a 2 year old - no thanks.
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All the coverage of the riots over the last few days have left me feeling very depressed, angry and numb.

I'm furious with the scumbags who think smashing up and torching independent retailers is "sticking it to the man", the kids who reckon the police can do nothing to do "because it's my first offence, innit" and even worse the ones who go on Sky News complaining that there's nothing to do in an evening, so instead of doing something positive they decide to shit all over their community.

The 'me,me,me' mentality of some of these kids (some of whom have been gloating on twitter and facebook at how big and clever they are for nicking some t-shirts from JJB) just makes you feel sick. I know I'm going to sound like a real fuddy duddy, but when I was their age I swear we weren't like that, oh yeah we were selfish and mean in a way that kids are but we didn't go round smashing stuff up, we didn't attack teachers or abuse adults. And I'm not that old.

Where did it all go wrong?

I've been seeing pictures of my beloved Birmingham today and it's so depressing to see all the shops boarded up along New Street and Corporation Street. Hearing that the Custard Factory of all places got looted (now, if there's a place that is the epitome of independent it's the CF). Seeing people trashing Richer Sounds (where the staff are absolutely lovely) made me a bit teary.

It's depressing to think that I've brought a child into this world and I haven't the faintest idea where to start to start repairing it. I work with people in the age range of the rioters and our funding has been absolutely slashed by the government, so many brilliant community projects have had to close because there's no money there and no one can afford to run them for free. I hear kids saying that they only go to college so they can get their EMA to buy booze or drugs (and these are 16yo kids). With all the redundancies we've had at work recently we don't ave the staff to support these people as much as they need and I can only see it getting worse.

And don't get me started on David Cameron and his 'sick communities'. He's compounded the problem by penalising the poor and deprived by cutting all the community funding instead of going after the fatcats and billionaire tax dodger who bankroll his old boys club. And how dare he claim that the #riotwombles are part of his Big Society. oooh, he makes me so mad, he really does.

Also don't get me started on all the MPs getting compensation for having their holidays cut short. The police who have all had their leave cancelled and the ambulance and fire staff who are having to work extended or extra shifts won't get any compensation and what exactly are the MPs going to do?

As far as I can see it (and if you see it differently please share in the comments) we need money made available to run community projects to get the kids off the streets, make more money available to get people into work (either through training or making monetary incentives available to employers to take on Apprentices - because at the moment that's something that's dying a death because employers can't afford to take them on, not even at £2.50 an hour) and try to find a way of building community spirit. How many of your neighbours do you know?

I really, really hope that we can wake up tomorrow and there have been no more deaths due to the rioting.
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I've been busy working on Ex-Cheddar's playhouse on my day off (well let's take advantage of her being on holiday with Nannie & Granddad). See what I've been doing over here


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