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Joy of joys, was woken at 3.57 this morning by Bilbo throwing up everywhere (and I mean everywhere - in the bedroom, on the landing and at the bottom of the stairs). So there I was in my rubber gloves with kitchen roll and carpet cleaner, muttering various curses under my breath, while Bilbo looked on sheepishly and His Lordship slept on completely obviously to the fact all the lights were on.

I can't tell Bilbo off for being sick though (even though I am sorely tempted) because it's not his fault he had a gyppy belly).

This wasn't helped by the fact that yesterday I had the migraine from hell which left me throwing up and passing out all over the shop. Brilliant! :/ (I'm feeling much better today, thanks for asking).

In other (non-cat vomit related news):

[x] I don't care what you say texting at the cinema is bloody rude and annoying. This is the reason I don't go to the cinema any longer.
[x] Joss Wheedon on Dollhouse
[x] Big Finish are not doing any more Short Trips books. This makes me very sad indeed.
[x] A campaign I can completely get behind:

[x] Last few episodes of Prison Break back from Tuesday (I have it Sky+'d and series linked in readiness)
[x] Dexter S3 on FX from Friday (also Sky+'d and series linked)

Nearly time for Lost!!

In non-TV news, can anyone recommend a free anti-virus programme that won't kill my creaky old laptop? (needs to work onna laptop that runs on 256mg of ram)
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Sometimes, just sometimes, Sky One, (or Sky1 as you now appear to be called) I really love you. I love the fact I'm watching all-new Prison Break less than 24 hours after it's been screened in the US.

In fact it makes me do this: *\o/*

so many spoilers behind here )

a yay-filled 8/10!
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spoilers! )
Now, I'm not a big fan of continuity announcers with a bit of humour, but tonight's on Sky made me laugh by going "go to our Prison Break website where you can see Michael in various states of sweatiness. LOL
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I’ve just seen the trailer for next week’s Prison Break!

Oh [livejournal.com profile] amybrown584 you really need to catch it. You know that thing we’ve been waiting for for over a season and a half?

Oh yeah!

But I won’t say what it is, because it’s not the sort of thing a modern woman should discuss
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OMG! Prison Break! ILU

It’s very frustrating being a Prison Break fan in my office as since new!admin left in January no-one watches it apart from me. So I’ve got no-one to squee with or debate the finer points of Michael Scofield. This makes me sad.

”spoilers” )


I can’t believe that after next week (this week for those of you watching the US screenings) there’s no more Prison Break until NEXT YEAR! But that’s ages and ages away and there may not even be any more because of the writers strike, which makes me sad. (Although I fully support the strike and hope that it does result in something positive for them)
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Well I may have got spoilt – majorly – for this week’s episode but it didn’t spoil the enjoyment of it too much because ”spoilers” )
But annoying that it’s going on a couple of week’s break now though. It’s only been on a month! Maybe they should start filming earlier in the year to allow for an unbroken run up until Christmas. I mean we’re only going to get maybe another four possibly five weeks before Christmas.
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I AM FULL OF RAGE AND ANGER. But I did totally call it, so my RAGE AND ANGER is tinged with smug too.
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Oh Prison Break. How I have missed you. Oh Sky, how you annoy me with your massive bug across the screen – if I wanted to watch it in HD I’d be paying out £20 a month for it, stop trying to advertise your rubbish value for money system. Gah.

”Spoilers )

A solid opening to the new series. 7/10
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I don't care if PB's been on in the US now and it's available *everywhere*. I'm going to stay strong and not watch it until Monday. After all $ky have paid a lot of money to plaster the lovely Wentworth Miller and friends on not one, not, two but three billboards in my arsehole of a town, it's only fair I give something back and up their figures.

His Lordship needs to come up with a new Prison Break! song too. And ring me in the ad breaks and sing it down the phone for three minutes.

What's the betting Wentworth'll keep his long sleeved sweatshirt on for the WHOLE season?

Oh, and by the way:

Spoil me and I'll send a much more unpleasant version of T-Bag round to make your acquaintance. Savvy?


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