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I did another test run with the kiln again this week. I'm still messing about with the firing schedule. I think I'm going to need to make my top fusing temperature a bit lower with a shorting holder time to keep it nicely square instead of rounding off as it is.

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[x] Made Sweet Potato, Red Onion and Broccoli soup, and 'lo it was delicious.
[x] Cut and assembled glass for the first time in nearly nine months - and it felt great (and I could still do it fairly well.
[x] done the washing up.
[x] done the newsletter.
[x] cleaned the bathroom.
[x] enjoyed a massively long soak in the bath.
[x] learnt a couple of nursery rhymes

I feel it's been quite productive. Hoorah!
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With great regret I am going to have to sell my brilliant little Jewellers Kiln.

Perfect for enamelling, glass fusing and PMC.

It's about 28cm across and high so fits nicely on my work surface once I've moved the microwave. The box with the white dial off to the right is the temperature controller and the kiln plugs into that before plugging into the wall. This allows you to control the temperature to some extent. (I recommend you getting a temperature gauge as well to assist you)

The front opens up and out to allow you to get pieces in and out of the kiln with ease and it's side heating. The cost of an 8 hour firing is about 40p so it's very very economical to run too.

The kiln is in near perfect condition with no damage to the side elements or any of the external wiring.

Works in a normal 3pin plug (I recommend that you use a circuit breaker with it - safety first)

The door has had additional welding done to it, but this was done before I bought it and it was absolutely no effect on the working of the kiln.

Comes with the kiln shelf seen in the picture and the temperature controller, as well as instructions and if you want my glass firing schedules (which can be used as a guide only, everyone's electricity supply is slightly different so the kiln could heat up quicker or slower for you than it did for me).

I'd like offers in the region of £300-£350 for the kiln. And if you live in Shropshire, Staffordshire or the West Midlands I may be able to arrange to deliver it to you free of charge.

Payment by Cash or Bank transfer only.
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I've tried to make Christmas presents with a bit of a difference this year, and decided to make a Who-themed pendant for one of my flistees.

Because I'm still learning how to do this glass fusing malarky I decided to keep it nice and simple.

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In other Who-related news, in about 24 hours we will know who the Eleventh Doctor will be. The new-Outpost Gallifrey has already battened down the hatches and I wonder if LJ will survive the inevitable implosion about 7.05pm when the announcement is made.

Last minute poll:
[Poll #1324227]

(re: the last option - a friend pointed out today that it would be hill-hairy-arse if the Eleventh Doctor regenerated into the Tenth Doctor again, thus preventing the loss of the fangirl demographic)
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I had a lovely present come through the post today from an anonymous source. No note, no return address. So thank you, whoever you are...

It's like being in a Secret Santa without even knowing it. I've lad a little look at the kit and it's rather funky. I'm going to have some fun making some pendants over Christmas.

In other news, I've still been kiln fusing and have had some 'interesting' misfires.

For example, the amber glass on the right? Originally clear. I haven't the faintest idea what caused it. It's cut from the same piece of glass as the piece next to it. It's very weird.

My first actual commission: pale brown glass with gold dichroic stringers (thin straws of glass). I've done two in case one doesn't work properly.
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I think this is pretty much my most favourite of all the glass pieces I've made so far.

(Apologies for the bonus shot of my pasty chest. ahem)

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[livejournal.com profile] redscharlach has made the most brilliant Merlin icons. Run, don't walk to this here post. (I'm a little bit in love with my new default icon).

Via [livejournal.com profile] hoplessfangirl: New Lost teaser trailer. I'm ever so rather excited. Although I am still majorly pissed off with Desmond.

Still playing LittleBigPlanet. I've had a bit of a costume change and made some new friends, *waves* hi guys.

I think my little star deely-boppers are stylin'!

His Lordship has made a level, it's called Rocket Bang Bang. be kind, it's his first ever attempt. I think it's fiendish and also spiffy.
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I've been busy with the old kiln last week
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