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Apparently it’s been three years since Resistance came out. It really doesn’t feel like it. Although it really has been that long as I couldn’t go to the Resistance tour as I was due to give birth the same week as the concert.

Anyhoo, new album. Already loads of people are hating on it. But I like the way that by streaming it you can try before you buy. (Let’s face it, there’s enough of us fans out there who have already pre-ordered it to get it into the top ten.)

I really like the start to this one. It reminds me a bit of a James Bond theme with all the sharp violins and then the quietness when Matt starts singing. I wonder if this actually is the song they wrote for the last Bond film (as it was rumoured they were doing). Close your eyes and you can imagine the silhouettes of nude ladies and slo-mo bullets and stuff.
Actually on first listen I really like this one. (But I do have big squishy love for the Classic Bond theme anyway and because that’s what it reminds me of that’s why I’m liking it I think)

I’ve been trying to get the small child to sing along to this on the radio. She doesn’t turn me to turn it off, like she does with 95% of all music on the radio (apart from Nicki Minaj – that’s how she’s going to rebel musically, I can just see it). It does lose points for a bit of an obligatory key change near the end of the song. Naughty Muse.

Panic Station
Like the base. It’s a bit Queeny. Love the guitar and the bass later on in the song. It was my hope that his album would have a lot more base because Chris is an awesome bassist and has been wasted on the last couple of albums.

Reminds me a bit of Butterflies and Hurricanes, (God, I love that song). I’m glad they’re still doing all these little musical interludes.

Yay, the Olympics song! When we were watching the Olympics on the Red Button it always seemed to be on. (That, and David Bowie anyway).

Follow me
That’s definitely a baby’s heartbeat at the start of this one. I know. I spent a lot of time hooked up to a heart monitor. This is the first song on the album so far that is going down the more dubsteppy, electronic route. Like the middle section, don’t really like the lyrics (yeah, I know, shun the non-believer). This is the song that would be on the Twilight soundtrack. And I don’t mean that complimentary.

Like this one, a lot. Like the guitar and the instrumentally bits and the last section. Reminds me of Showbiz Muse.

Really like this one too.It’s nice and gentle. I’m humming along to it at work. I’m getting some funny looks. And I don’t care. It’s really un-Muse-y, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Big Squeeze
Another rather upbeat sounding song.

Save me
Really like this one too. Like the guitar and the harmonies.

Liquid State
Ooh rocky. I miss rocking out Muse ever such a lot.

The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Dubstep-tastic and the start of it reminds me of the titles for Torchwood. Love the choral stuff, don’t like the dubstep bits.

The 2nd Law: Isolated System
Uses lots of samples and soundbites. Reminds me a bit of a Prodigy song, not much, just a tiny bit. Can’t think what it’s called though.

In conclusion
On first listen I like it a lot more than I did Resistance. It’s more cheery and positive I think that the last couple of albums have been. Maybe fatherhood is mellowing Matt, who knows? I was a bit concerned it was going to be massively dubstep, especially after hearing Unsustainable, I’m glad that Matt was just trolling.

(And no, it’s not as good as OoS, but none of their albums ever are and also blah blah Twihards get off my lawn)

In other news, a month until I go to see them in concert. Woot!
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So Saturday, myself and the sibling upped sticks and travelled Oop North to go and see Muse and much fun was had by all!

Before we start I need to get this out of the way:



Muse. A picspam. )
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[x] [livejournal.com profile] chicklet73 the stamps arrived today, thanks very much! I've already been having a bit of a play with them: http://twitpic.com/13mq0z

[x] Muse were robbed at the Brits

[x] Listen to the B-sides to Muse's Resistance: http://bit.ly/98eqKz
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Who's just bought two tickets for Muse in Manchester for next year?

Oh, that'll be me! :D
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Muse doing a stadium tour 2010 (Manchester and Wembley in the UK). Ticket pre-sale 18th November.

Definitely going this tme.
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Muse were recently on an Italian chat show to promote The Resistance and were told they'd have to mime Uprising. I don't think they were particularly impressed about this being a SRS!band and all so they did this:


I LOL'ed

And it appears it's not the first time they've done it either:

Here's Newborn on Live & Kicking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZZrM_pS98E&feature=related watch them piano-playing fingers.
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First off, Small-Faced Kitten is no longer a member of our household. His people moved out last Wednesday an actually took him with them. I hope they've got some nice new neighbours who will look after him and mother him and give him leftovers.

It makes me a bit emo to come down for a drink during the night and not have him all curled up on the computer chair. There ill be a Small-Faced Kitten pic!spam at some point this week in honour of him.

I am glad to see the back of his noisy people though. The new neighbours seem nice enough. Only seen them from a distance. They apparently have a Staffie (although I've not heard a peep out of it) and a cat. Bilbo spends most of his time sat on the dividing fence looking grumpy and going "get orf my laaaaaaaaahnd!"

In other Bilbo news, Mr Bilbs has lost his voice. it started on Friday, when he miowed it sounded like his voice was breakin and by Saturday he sounded like a duck and by Sunday he was going "..." He was still eating and sleeping and had no eye or nose gack it was just weird. So I told His Lordship that if it hasn't started coming back by Monday we'd get him booked into the V E T S.

Bilbo's sad story )

In non Bilbo news,

Hey HMV! Where's my copy of The Resistance? There's DVD extras I want to be watching. And I'm sure muse.mu are getting annoyed with my continual streaming of it off their site.
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I'm streaming The resistance off the muse.mu website at the moment. (you'll need to be a registered member to listen to the whole thing) Well it's ages until Monday and I want to hear it.

I also approve of all the old-skool photos of Teignmouth that make up the backdrops of the website at the moment.

some thinks )

In other news Muse was still on the BBC red button this morning and there's a dcumentary or something on BBC Three tonight at 8pm (or it could be highlights, I'm not sure, I've got it Sky+'d for the just in case)
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1: Radio One are doing a Muse Night on Monday from 7pm-midnight, to celebrate the release of The Resistance. They got a documentary, live Radio One sets they did back in the day and highlights from tonight's gig in Teignmouth. You'll be able to listen live via the interwebs and also catch it on Listen Again.

2: Derren Brown has a new series starting 11th September on Channel 4. Derren wants you to watch it.
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Listened to Uprising on Zane Lowe's show last night (you can listen to it here (you need to go in about 29 minutes) Zane's also got a little video interview on his site too)

According to Matt Bellamy they've only recorded the 11 tracks that appear on The Resistance, so there's no B-sides :( This makes me sad as some of their B-sides are amongst my favourite tracks.

United States of Eurasia
[x] I like the start with the piano and the strings
[x] I LOLed at the Queenesque harmonies on "There can be only one". (It's got to be intentional and no one can convince me otherwise.)
[x] It's like a proper rock opera
[x] And I like the end with the Chopin too (I'm a bit of a slag for piano solos - what can I say?)
[x] I hope this is made into a karaoke track, because I want to blast out the Eura-SIA bit in my local.

In summary:
Cracktastic and I look forward to seeing [livejournal.com profile] circe_tigana and [livejournal.com profile] blythely's dance to this song. I dare you not to laugh before the end of the track.

If this is not the proof that Matt Bellamy is a Doctor Who fan, (on top of the fact that Starlight is obviously about the Doctor) then I don't know what is.
[x] It's like the bastard lovechild of Who, Blondie and Marilyn Manson drunk on cheap cider
[x] wasn't all that impressed on first listen but now I've had a couple more listens it's starting to actually grow on me.
[x] I do like the synth-i-ness of it, it's a bit of a departure, but not necessarily a bad one.

In Conclusion:
This album's Supermassive Black Hole? (Which wasn't that in keeping with the rest of the album)

And they've released the cover for The Resistance today too

His Lordship and Muse are now officially on a break. He didn't like USoE and his detests Uprising (he thinks Matt's voice is awful and the mishmash of musical riffs don't go well). He says that someone commented on a forum he frequents as "It's the sound of Matt Bellamy using his tiny little jetpack to jump over a really big shark" - well it made me chuckle.

I admit that it's no Origin of Symmetry but I like the fact Muse try to do something a bit different with each of their albums, I probably wouldn't like them as much as I do if Absolution and Black Holes... were OoS v2.0 and v3.0. I'll with hold judgement on the album as a whole until I actually hear the album as a whole. September seems so far away. (I do still hope for some Hysteria-style big guitar riffs.)


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