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Thoughts in 140 characters

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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 22:48 @redfacts I'd love to see Derren Brown face off that octopus
  • 22:53 You know the grim predictions of silence falling in #doctorwho ? I worked out what it means. The lack of vuvuzelas from tomorrow! #worldcup
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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 17:54 craftgawker - Earth and Sand Art craftgawker.com/post/2010/07/01/16108/
  • 21:25 Come on Holland. If you win on Sunday I'll win some money!!
  • 21:27 @sadcypress it was like the ref was going to keep going until Uraguay scored.
  • 21:31 @sadcypress I think there would have been a pitch invasion if it had gone on much longer.
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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 10:00 io9 - Eat roasted chestburster at your next scifi cookout [Scifi Dinner Party] bit.ly/dBrtMM
  • 10:02 Lifehacker - Recognize The Real Signs of Drowning and Save a Life [Emergency] bit.ly/9yrmlW
  • 10:05 Lifehacker - Take Awesome Fireworks Photos for Fame, Glory, and Wallpaper Greatness [Fireworks] bit.ly/bDXACP
  • 10:15 Lifehacker - How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks [Security] bit.ly/bkx7Rq
  • 10:17 Lifehacker - Play YouTube Videos Directly in VLC Media Player [Vlc] bit.ly/cFpPAh
  • 10:22 Lifehacker - Use a Cheap Bracelet to Fix Your iPhone 4 Signal Woes [IPhone] bit.ly/9aYSas
  • 10:28 Lifehacker - Build a Glow-in-the-Dark Drawing
    Board for Laser-Fueled Party Entertainment [Laser] bit.ly/cWyFDy
  • 10:29 Lifehacker - Magnifying Glass Trick Improves Close-Up Cameraphone Photos [Camera Hacks] bit.ly/alIM6d
  • 10:33 Lifehacker - Build The Cadillac of Fly Traps for a Fly-Free Summer [DIY] bit.ly/bdHoEl
  • 10:36 Lifehacker - PilotHandwriting Turns Your Handwriting into a Font [DIY] bit.ly/bXXGoe
  • 18:37 The always ace Weebl's Stuff have done a song and a video all about @stephenfry - www.weebls-stuff.com/songs/Stephen+Fry/
  • 22:31 @steviesun James winning has made my world go askew!
  • 22:32 @DuneDRD and an African cousin
  • 22
    @kharma2815 of course there is. I bet there's some in ff.net
  • 22:34 @refusion I don't know. I think I may like it. Not enough yellow interiors in the world.
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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 16:23 io9 - Hogwarts is burning: Harry Potter's first Deathly Hallows poster [Deathly Hallows] bit.ly/9xXsJk
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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 16:49 io9 - Crucial insights about selling your short fiction, from an editor [Editors] bit.ly/aTqoR6
  • 16:50 io9 - Disco Chair welcomes you to the future [Design] bit.ly/bUtmsl that would look really nice in my living room.
  • 17:08 io9 - A modern-day esoteric shrine, deep beneath the Alps [Neo Religion] bit.ly/8Yx2h4 oh wow! that place looks amazing
  • 17:21 star wrapped in the beautiful colors of the nebula that birthed it bit.ly/bQ2XS6 "you are beautiful" as a certain someone would say
  • 17:53 io9 - Woman wrecks car because "a vampire was chasing her" [Vampires] bit.ly/d9OL9g
  • 19:03 io9 - River Tam and the Firefly gang get a mod musical makeover [Serenity] bit.ly/d5jgrJ
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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 14:51 @DuneDRD my favourite threadless is Ambition Killed The Cat.
  • 14:52 @morbid_sparks I don't think you are. Unless you're currently stuck up a tree.
  • 14:57 @morbid_sparks you didn't do it climbing a tree then? Was it on mouse removal duty again.
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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 19:37 io9 - Brazilian park reveals what happened when the rains finally came to Dune [Photography] bit.ly/9fVFiz so beautiful!
  • 19:51 io9 - Lightning strikes three Chicago skyscrapers in one blow [Lightning] bit.ly/aC5ptc < that is amazing and also awesome.
  • 22:30 @bana76 his year ducts are blocked with all the sun oil in his skin.
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Thoughts in 140 characters

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Thoughts in 140 characters


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