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Carrying on from my stomach bug at the start of last week and my cold (which won't go away! I've blown my nose so much the snot is white now! Eugh!) I've got my very first coldsore right in the middle of my bottom lip. It's blooming sore too. Proof if any, my boss pointed out today, that I'm a bit run down.

And I've only been back three weeks!

In other news, telly!

Doctor Who: The first episode of Doctor Who that made me cry (in a non-regeneration way). Oh, it was beautiful and touching and so so sweet. spoilers )

I'm still in the middle of writing a post about the last episode of Lost, I'm snatching time for the odd sentence here and there at work. Same with Bones. Have just started to watch Castle (I've had it sat on my Sky + for ages). I like it and it'll do until my beloved Bones comes back.

Was The Vampire Diaries not on last week? It's not on the Sky+ and I've definitely not seen it?

Saw the last ep of S2 of True Blood. I hope everyone helps to get Sookie's house back in order.

I have not seen all of Ashes to Ashes yet, thanks to it going off the iPlayer. I'll have to get the episodes on our LoveFilm subscription now.

Still to come: a post about my Midnight Walk, just waiting for a couple of pictures in order to illustrate the post. Hoorahs!


March 30th, 2010 09:33 pm
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[x] Am attempting to grow Basil, Oregano and Rosemary from seed in my back garden. Hopefully I'll have lots of lovely herbs come the summer.
[x] Am getting a new bathroom. Bath is now in. It's absolutely lush. Once the bathroom is finished I'll do a big post, I've been taking photos. (I've had a proper plumber in to do it, I'm not that handy around the house)
[x] The new Locke Lamora book STILL isn't out. Chatting to friendly girl in local bookshop. Apparently it's been delivered to the pubishers in the UK and US and is due to come out next spring. THAT'S SOOOO LONG TO WAIT!! The last one finished on a cliffhanger too. Gah.
[x]Tomorrow is the last silversmithing class of the term. This makes me sad. I also have two bracelets to finish tomorrow so I better pull my finger out.
[x] Saw a trailer for new ITV series The Door - it's like a cross between The Crystal Maze and the bushtucker trials from I'm a Celebrity...
[x] Tres excited for a) new Doctor Who and b) new Ashes to Ashes. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE etc etc.
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[x] Our internet has been out for most of the week. When I rang up my isp they had the cheek to tell me to switch it off and back on again. Thankfully they sent a man round on Thursday to make it better.
[x] Have made a christening bracelet for one of our friends in Silversmithing class. I should have a second finished next week and then I'll start working on a third over the Easter break.
[x] I can not find my soldering torch anywhere. I'm going to have to buy another. This makes me sad as the last one was £25!!
[x] The new Doctor Who trailer made me do an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of happiness
[x] As does the Ashes to Ashes trailer. I'm really going to miss the Guv when this series ends.
[x] We're taking ex-Cheddar for her first trip to the swimming pool tomorrow. I'm rather excited and nervous. I've had to go out and buy myself a swimming costume and a waterproof camera for taking pictures.
[x] Got out in the garden and spent a couple of ours making a start on tidying up the beds. I want to get rid of all the weeds so I can plant loads of herbs in pots. I've always wanted a herb garden. I filled the green bin up to the top with stuff and there's still loads that need digging up.
[x] His Lordship has bought an XBox 360 Elite. I am very unimpressed. It's on the opposite side of the telly to the PS3 so that they don't fight.
[x] I'M GOING TO SEE FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. In May. In Brum. I am so very excited about this.
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I think I'm soming down with a cold. :( I've got a constant drip out of one nostril and my sinsuses and my cheeks (!) are aching. Pah. I really hoped to be cold free this winter. It appears not to be.

Merlin )

Doctor Who )

The beginnings of the Gene Hunt/Richard Hammond shippy movement )
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Yes, I am only just getting around to watching Ashes to Ashes. Mainly because I am made of fail.

Thank you BBC iPlayer for helping me in my time of need. ILU and the unique way the BBC is funded.

Spoilahs )

You can get CHUCKLE VISION on the BBC iPlayer. OMG! To me!
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Spoilery rambling behind the cut.

a moment on the hips, an afterlife on the hips )
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I just saw a trailer for Ashes to Ashes!

I forgot just how much I love Gene Hunt.


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