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Here be spoilers of tte first two eps of Invasion

Here be spoilers )
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it's long, rambling, but it generally makes sense and it's got lots of pictures to break up the rambling. )

Final score 8/10

And even Elbow agree that tea is the drink of choice when saving the world.
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I need to get back into practice...

warning, rambling ahead )
So in conclusion, I loved all 5 minutes and 54 seconds of it. (Oh Mr Davies you're really spoiling us). I'm totally fangirling over David Tennant (but that was a given I suppose). His Lordship, however, is a bit less sure about the whole thing. He doesn't like the way Tennant's Doctor is sharing a lot of the same manic-ness of Eccles' Doctor. Personally I thought that was a good thing, empathsising the fact the Doctor's the same on the inside, it's just the packaging that's changed - but I'm only a girl. What do I know?

*points to icon* well, is it?
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Lots and lots of lovely pictures (well 4) of Rose & Ten. *shakes fist* Damn you David Tennant for being so sweet and cheeky with your ruffled hair and your excitable little smirk. I think I'm starting to get fond of you.

Wanna look?

I do like the new look. It's a move away from Nine (sob). But the whole suit thing is *very natty* (although it looks just Like one of Derren Brown's suits which is distracting me somewhat). Tennant said he wanted a long coat. Shame there's no kilt. ;) (Yet).

How much is he loving his new job? Bless him.

New series spoilers )

In other news saw With or Without You it was okay, redeemed by lots and lots of shots of Eccles!Arse. *Ahem*. Oh and I watched Shaun of the Dead again. It makes me happy.
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(This week it's two episodes in one. As such I've tried to be a little less rambly than usual. I don't think I succeeded). Oh and there's pictures.
There is a war on you know. )
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With illustrations and everything!

That'll do nicely )
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It's a bit rambly, and I had been drinking when we were watching it so rambings within may be somewhat confused to sober viewers...

spoilers within, cut for consideration )


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