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It's massively late, but fandom stuff is massively sucking my time at the moment. (As you can imagine) I've only just started checking my flist for the first time in days.

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Not only do we have another shiny new episode of Torchwood tonight but there's a whole new Charlie Brooker programme on my telly to beam his anger at the world (and Telly) straight into my eyes and eyes. Yay! it's really good timing too as I've just finished reading his book Dawn of the Dumb (A collection of Guardian articles for people too lazy to read them on the website).

And even better I've just found out that he's going to be doing a games series too (the cleverly titled Gameswipe (to go with Screenwipe and Newswipe). Today is a day of Charlie Brooker cheer in this household.

In other news His Lordship actually thought last night's Torchwood was very good. He has never said such a thing about that particular series before. I thought I was hearing things, but he was actually very impressed. I had to go outside and check that the sky wasn't falling.

In other book news now that I've finished the Brooker book I've made a start on House of Leaves (making sure that I've left plenty of space in the freezer to store the book a la Joey from Friends). So far, not that strange. But I'm only 30 or so pages into it. I expect it to get much, much weirder before long, judging from what others have been saying about it.
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I've just realised that I've watched this episode FOUR times. That's a ridiculous amount, once when it was on BBC three, twice for capping and once when it was on BBC Two. Thank goodness it was actually a rather good episode.

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I've not seen it yet, due to having a bit of a social life, so spoil it for me and I'll send the cats round to pooh in your bed.
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Yes, I know I've missed an ep out. I will come back for it. I promise.

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