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Thanks to the hot sunny weather the house is creaking and it sounds like someone is walking around upstairs.
Me (to His Lordship): just go upstairs and check will you?
(His Lordship goes upstairs. Stomps around. Comes back down.)
His Lordship: there's no one upstairs. Apart from this scarred bloke standing by your side of the bed. He called himself Pipes (laughs)

Tonight I'll be lying in bed with this face on O_O

Thanks for the oncoming nightmares.
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[x] Our internet has been out for most of the week. When I rang up my isp they had the cheek to tell me to switch it off and back on again. Thankfully they sent a man round on Thursday to make it better.
[x] Have made a christening bracelet for one of our friends in Silversmithing class. I should have a second finished next week and then I'll start working on a third over the Easter break.
[x] I can not find my soldering torch anywhere. I'm going to have to buy another. This makes me sad as the last one was £25!!
[x] The new Doctor Who trailer made me do an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of happiness
[x] As does the Ashes to Ashes trailer. I'm really going to miss the Guv when this series ends.
[x] We're taking ex-Cheddar for her first trip to the swimming pool tomorrow. I'm rather excited and nervous. I've had to go out and buy myself a swimming costume and a waterproof camera for taking pictures.
[x] Got out in the garden and spent a couple of ours making a start on tidying up the beds. I want to get rid of all the weeds so I can plant loads of herbs in pots. I've always wanted a herb garden. I filled the green bin up to the top with stuff and there's still loads that need digging up.
[x] His Lordship has bought an XBox 360 Elite. I am very unimpressed. It's on the opposite side of the telly to the PS3 so that they don't fight.
[x] I'M GOING TO SEE FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. In May. In Brum. I am so very excited about this.
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I've just had a really put-out text from His Lordship who has just been asked for ID in ASDA when he bought a couple of bottles of booze.

He's 32 and looks it.

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Meet Cheddar, who has now been rebranded as Bethan, and is a very special outside baby! There's a few photo's behind the cut. A full account of my adventures with the NHS is currently being typed up (I'm doing it in between feeds, it's taking a while) and will be posted on the baby-filter in the next day or so. If you're not on that filter and you want to be, let me know.

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I'm all full of cold and the snuffles. I'd love to be able to breathe again.
People are letting off fireworks already. Bilbo is even less impressed than I am. Trying to distract Bilbo from the fireworks with the laser pen. He loves that contraption.

His Lordship made an ace Thai Chicken Soup. Really spicy. Yum
I'm drinking Pimms. There is no bad there.
His Lordship is currently cooking some sort of Thai Lamb dish - it looks delicious.
Panto last night was ace, even though people did completely forget to turn up. Full report to come tomorrow, probably.
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[x] Two 1gb sticks of RAM arrived in the post at work for me today. Took them home, put them in the computer and lo it appears to be working! His Lordship is running some bad sector repairs on the hard drives and had tried things that are a bit memory intensive like photoshop and firefox to see if it crashes and so far it hasn't *crosses fingers that it stays this way* We're not even getting corrupted file or registry errors so it looks like it's on the mend. I am banned from using it now. This makes me emo as I have episodes of Chuck and Pushing Daisies to watch. wah!!!

[x] His Lordship's £150 present from HMV also finally turned up. I never realised that a computer game weighed so much. Especially when the last Guitar Hero game weighed so little :D


[x] Special post has gone out today to [livejournal.com profile] doylefan22 and [livejournal.com profile] dune_drd. Special post for [livejournal.com profile] chicklet73 will go out tomorrow once I've picked up a DWM for you. More special post is still to go out but I'm not going to have time to get them finished until the weekend.

[x] Been granting wishes on [livejournal.com profile] holiday_wishes. Well, offering to grant them anyway. I now need to dig out some beads, some glue and buy some postcards and make an LJ layout to actually fulfill them. if you have a similar wishlist on your journal's and I've not left a comment on it already point me in it's direction, yeah.

[x] Going to Bingo tomorrow (shut up). This time last year one of my workmates won a 42 inch plasma telly at the bingo. Not bad for a £2 play.

[x] via [livejournal.com profile] casirafics: You can now knit your very own Sackboy/girl!

[x] via I can Haz Cheezburger: a little kitten who loves his broccoli very, very much (Youtube)

[x] Oh poor David Tennant. :( Back surgery isn't fun at any time of the year.
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I still very much love this icon :) It makes me smile everytime I see it.

His Lordship is leading Bilbo down the slippery path into gambling. Today: Poker.

Quick linkie round-up
When Billboards go rogue - a bit more impressive that just sticking little balls of used chewing gum on them.
I never knew that Science Fiction Bodice Ripping Romance Novels existed. It's not something you see in your local WH Smiths.
The first (and most likely only) Tenth Doctor/new LJ Userinfo page fic ever. (It's on the kinkmeme so 'ware NSFW-ness]

I am very upset at the news that Pushing Daisies may not be renewed beyond it's 13 episode run. This makes me very cross with the American viewing public.
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So a few weeks ago I went to the races at Chester. It was our wedding anniversary present and it was quite a lot of fun although I didn't win a penny. :( It was organised by His Lordship's work go we got to rub shoulders with the posh Cheshire set.

(This was why we couldn't lend you our spare room [livejournal.com profile] flipbfc.)

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LJ are bringing back Basic Accounts. Only they're not. They're bringing us slightly less ad-covered free accounts. And by the looks of things if you have a basic account which is ad-free at the moment, it won't stay that way for long. I say by the looks of things, because it really isn't clear. Fail LJ.


Due to His Lordship being made of fail I won't be going to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX this weekend. This makes me very very sad.


I need to remember to book my car in for its £140 warranty service. I don't know where I'm going to find the money to pay for it :( I don't get paid for another fortnight.


Work is so made of fail it's not even funny.
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[x] His Lordship didn't make it into his poker final. I am now suffering from big sadface because how else am I going to live a life I can quickly become accustomed too if he doesn't get into and then win the Poker Millions tournament?



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