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  • Чт, 20:19: RT @qikipedia: There are 5.9 calories in a UK postage stamp.
  • Чт, 20:23: I love the way Kevin McLeod's pinched loads of great ideas from loads of other Grand Designs for his own grand design
  • Чт, 21:52: RT @bbcdoctorwho: Steven Moffat announces the days of the Ponds will draw to a close in the next series of #DoctorWho
  • Пт, 18:24: RT @atpfestival: We'll be taking down our Nightmare mixtapes at the end of the day so download them now while you still can. http://t.co ...
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  • Пн, 09:23: One of my best childhood memories is of the Sooty and Sweep machine in an arcade in Dawlish. They were a three-piece band with Soo.
  • Пн, 12:04: Hey #atpnbc -ers on your way home: Accident on M5 north just past Sedgemoor services.
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  • Пт, 12:44: RT @PrimlyStable: Apparently a wind turbine breaking in a freak 165mph storm "raises fresh questions" about wind power.
  • Пт, 12:45: RT @PrimlyStable: Presumably it also raises fresh questions about lorries, walls, overhead electricity cables, bridges, and other things ...
  • Пт, 12:49: On our way to #atpnbc hooray!!
  • Пт, 15:16: RT @yellowbootson: Following the elimination of both Manchester clubs from the CL, all this week's Premier League games will be preceded ...
  • Пт, 18:47: Just seen my first @threadless t-shirt of #atpnbc the dog ate my homework one.
  • Пт, 18:47: If you missed Les Savy Fav's first play tonight at #atpnbc make sure you get into the second one. It's entertaining and then some.
  • Пт, 18:49: Seen the best tattoo of #atpnbc a chap with Homer Simpson's hair tattooed on his head. It's handsome and practical.
  • Пт, 20:08: RT @leggsylennon: Idiot in the toilet: "I know I'm pissed but I don't want to get shit on me dick" friend: "you won't mate honestly" #atpnbc
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