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So the year is progressing and our veggies are growing. Not as good as they should be, but not surprising considering the vast amount of rain we're having at the moment. As a side effect of the rain the slug population in my back garden has exploded and they are eating everything they can get to.

photos behind the cut )

Not pictured: two planters (similar to the courgette ones but three tier) full of my back up lettuce, again propped to prevent slug access and growing great. Every time we go into the back garden the small child helps herself to a handful.

And that is exactly why I wanted to grow veggies in the first place. I want her to know where her food comes from and I want everything in the back garden to be edible. She's not been too interested in the whole growing this this year, but as she gets a bit older she will and she's going to reap the benefits (and eat her body weight in plums again this year as the plum trees are full of fruit again).
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So here are the work in progress shots of the vegetable patch:

This is how it began:

A patch of garden that was doing absolutely nothing. I'd originally planned to dig up the interfacing and the stones and grass it over, but decided a veggie patch was a better use of the 'land'

And here it is after 3 hours of back breaking labour and playing with a 2 year old (who got bored of helping very quickly and went to play in her house. So many little stones. I need to rake them out down the side of the play house (still) and tidy up around the bottom of the veggie patch, make the garden look a little bit tidier.

So those photos were taken the start of March and here's how it looks now:

Baby plants! So clockwise from top right, peas, a patch of ground where the tomatoes are going to go, carrots, mixed lettuce, iceberg lettuce.

Some more peas and some sunflowers. There are random pea plants growing all over the garden where ex-Cheddar helpfully planted them. I think I spotted a couple growing in the front garden too. I'll be having surprise!peas through the summer.

Here's the lettuce and some courgette seedlings that are currently sunning themselves in our greenhouse/conservatory. (Yes I know the tomatoes are a bit bit to be in such a shallow seed tray unfortunately it keeps being frosty round by us and I don't want to kill them off. I'm going to re-pot them in a flower trough this weekend so at least they'll have room to grow.

Not pictured, but also growing:
[x] strawberry plants in a hanging basket. Haha now try and eat our delicious strawberries, little ants!
[x] rhubarb that came from the old house and even the stresses of digging it up (sans most of it's roots) and having it sit in a tub of water for a couple of weeks didn't kill it off. It is mighty, our rhubarb
[x] 2 plum trees that came with the house. Hopefully it will be as fruitful this year as last.

I want to go out and buy a blackcurrant and a raspberry bush now that would be trained into a pair of pyramids in a pair of pots for the patio, especially with the amount of money we spend on fruit in Tesco.
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And set myself up a shop on Folksy. There's nothing in it and I need to write all my policies, make a banner and price up and photograph my jewellery but by the end of the Easter break it will be ready to show off to you all!
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At the weekend I went on an actual course to learn how to enamel (properly) not playing about with a torch and creating a fire hazard like I'd been doing at home.

See what I made here
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[info]dune_drd asked to see:

The place where you do your crafting!

Ta da!

My workspace

Lookit me and my fancypants panoramic photomagraphy! You really an get an app for everything on the iPhone. (You will need to click through to Flickr to see it full sized.)

One of the advantages of having a slightly bigger home is that you don't have to work on the living room floor now. I have a wall of the spare room dedicated to my hobbies. The desk was £20 from IKEA (yes it's a kids one, but it does me fine), the shelving is recycled from the drinks 'cabinet' in the old house and every shelf of that bookcase has four rows of books on it. The little metal filing cabinet was a £25 bargain from IKEA and all the storage boxes are full of beads.

All my 'dangerous' stuff (like my torches and safety pickle) are on the converted spice racks on the left hand side.

The desk is set up for resin work in the picture ad you can see the stuff that's setting on the table, soon to be on sale on the internet. (I just need a name for my shop. Pah.)

The red picture on the wall is of Ex-Cheddar's feet when she was about 3 months old. Her first craft piece. And there's a bunch of [profile] morbid_spark's crocheted grapes in the picture too

All my glass cutting kit is on top of the bookcase along with my first fascinator, which, even if I do say so myself, looked awesome. (I must and a wedding photo to show it off.)

I have a lot of stuff. :/
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I've finally updated by crafty blog. (woo!)

See how I made this ring:

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I need to come up with a name for my Etsy/Folksy shop but I'm drawing a complete blank. Can you lot out there in the internets help me come up with something?
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I've been busy working on Ex-Cheddar's playhouse on my day off (well let's take advantage of her being on holiday with Nannie & Granddad). See what I've been doing over here
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(I aren't dead!)

I've not posted for an age due to moving house and trying to get some unpacking done. But we're (slowly) getting sorted now and my thoughts can turn back to my poor, dusty blog.

One of the nice things about our new house is that the old owners left a wooden children's playhouse in the back garden. Now, when I was just a kid, my wendy house was just a stick frame with a yellow and red nylon house shaped cover. I loved that house. My mum sewed net curtains for the place and I had a little faux fur and sponge chair to furnish it. It was brilliant.

This place however blows my little wendy house out the water. Kids these days, don't know they're born.

It's awesome. I want to move into there!

Read more and see more photos over on my craft blog!
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I've finally finished my stacking rings, praise be! You can find photos and the like over on my crafty blog


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