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No Jim again this week ('cos he's in Ireland visiting the Oirish girls he met on his travels around Europe. Bless). So it was His Lordship, me, Clair and Hugh as team Truffle Shuffle (Which may be our new team name - but only if His Lordship does the truffle Shuffle when we win.

General Ignorance - the General Knowledge Round )
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We managed a very respectable 12/15 putting us joint top with the team of seven sitting on the next table to us (but more on them later *looks vaguely annoyed*). You'd think I'd have got the T&D one right *rolls eyes* I thought there were only 7 judges in that year but I was wrong and it threw my years out. pah.

The pictures round was okay, we got 8/10 not particularly good, but ok. Strangely so did the table next to us. Hmmmmm. The voices round we did rubbish at, but I feel discriminated against because I don't watch soaps. One of the voices however was Andrea from Dancing on Ice but I couldn't remember her surname. His Lordship wasn't impressed:
HL: "You watch it for five hours on a Saturday evening!"
Me: "But I don't watch it for her!" Annoyingly I could remember everyone else's surnames. Pah.

We did much better on the TV and Film sounds round, correctly spotting the theme tune (write the theem toon, sing the theem toon) to League of Gentlemen, Bonanza and Juliet Bravo. Only two teams out of the fourteen got Juliet Bravo - us and the team next to us. How strange. (I'm spotting a pattern here).

The TV sound round started with the line: "Are you my mummy?" <- cue me giving out a huge squeal of fangirl!glee and then crying at the thought of gaskmask!Jamie.

Our music round went really well too. We got a lot right. We were feeling very positive about getting 1st or 2nd but when the scores were totted up we got 30-something but only came third. THIRD!

But who came first and second? Well. The two teams were actually joint first and can you guess who they were? That's right, it was the table next to us. They'd entered as two teams, copied some of our answers and got 12 bottles of crap beer out of it.

As we walked past them to go to the Boys V Girls round they said very loudly "I can't believe we won and we gave different answers too!" Sadly Claire and His Lordship didn't make a sarcastic comment back. I know I'm not the best of losers at the best of times but it really annoys me when there's blatant cheating.


The Boys V Girls round was a whitewash by the boys winning 12-4 *looks ashamed* but I did get Roswell right on the second duff. His Lordship got loads right and one of the theme tunes was Mysterious Cities of Gold - I loved that when I was a kid (as did Andi Peters).

Stupid Pub Quiz.
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So Team Cheddar Pavement were back again. His Lordship, myself, Claire and Hugh making up the team (no Jim *again* this week). Claire and Hugh set new standards of being late not getting in until question 11.

general ignorance - the general knowledge round )
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We did terrible and only managed to get 8 out of 15. Terrible, really terrible. Got us into joint second place after the first round.

The Picture Round was more fun with Bonnie Langford as one of the people. (Hardly anyone got her right - we were super geeky and gave her Who character's name too because we weren't sure what he wanted). We managed 9/10 which is very respectable.

Another week, another terrible voices round. I really am rubbish at it - thankfully the others aren't much better either. The TV/Film round we got full marks on thanks to my encyclopaedic knowledge of crap TV adverts (I don't even watch *that* much TV).

So the scores were totted up and we somehow managed to come first. Go Team Cheddar Pavement! Go 6 bottles of Grolsch and 2 bottles of crappy alcopop were ours.

Then the highlight of the evening the Boys v. Girls round. I got many TV themes again this week including Evita, the mighty, mighty Fraggle Rock and two others which I can't remember. Embarrassingly I didn't get Angel (His Lordship got it before me. Forshame) - my head was stuck in "it's Buffy!" mode. Forshame. Luckily there were other girls on my team who were pretty good and we managed to beat the boys 15-12.

Then it was out into the rain and back home. Until next week.
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A smaller, more compact team this week of His Lordship, Me, Claire and Hugh. Claire's doing a PGCE at the moment and is learning about pedagogy (i.e. teaching). We weren't sure how to pronounce it so we thought to foil Pub Quiz Guy with something unpronouncable. *laughs*

general ignorance aka the general knowledge round )
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At the end of the general knowledge round we had ten and were in joint 3rd place.

We got nine out of ten on the picture round, a cartoon of Colin Farell making me giggle at terribly-repressed memories of That video doing the rounds on t'internet.

We also did bosting on the sounds round and my (sad and geeky) knowledge of what year Billie released Girlfriend snagged us an extra point in the music round.

The proze this week for first was four bottles of Becks and four bottles of low-sugar Raspberry Bacardi Breezer so we really wanted to win.

And we did! Only by a point, but we did! Yay us!

Then it was the highlight of the evening, the Boys v Girls round. Loads more boys than girls this time.

I did stunning again this week with correct guesses on Star Wars, Ghostbusters (literally a fraction of a second before His Lordship), The Sound of Music, Jungle Book and Snow White (on the second tweet of Whistle While you Work) I just missed out on Red Dwarf by about half a second and guttingly I was also half a second behind the boy who correctly guessed Round the Twist. The girls lost 15-10 oh well.

On the subject of Round the Twist can you get it on DVD at all? I loved that when I was younger than I am now.
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It's that time of the week again when we head off to the bright lights of the big city (okay Telford Town Centre) to annoy the lcoals with our knowledge of all things useless.

Ensconced in our little alcove His Lordship and I awaited the arrival of the rest of the team. Last week they didn't turn up until question six, this week they were here just in time for question two. So our team this week was all regulars, His Lordship, me, Jim, Claire and Hugh. Because we couldn't think of anything Jim-related (and because I didn't want it to be hair related) we were called Team Cheddar Pavement (for those of you who don't know, Cheddar Pavement was His Lordship and Jim's suggestion for a baby name for their cousin Jack.)

general ignorance )
As always comments are screened so you can all have a go and show off your immense knowledge.

Between five of us we managed to get 11, which isn't bad at all and at the end of that round put us in first place (Go Team Cheddar Pavement!)

The Pictures round was actually a lot easier than previous weeks, with the 118 118 men, Scappy Doo, Bend it like Beckham and Independance Day making appearances. I think we managed to get 9 or 10 off that round.

The sounds was dead hard this week. The only voice I got was Richard Hammond (it was the Brainiac experiement where they were using fire extinguishers to race office chairs down a track). The TV themes included two different versions of the Top of the Pops theme and The theme to the Brittas Empire (cue loads of Brittas/Carol impressions)

The Music round was okay, we got the year right and two of the three short song clips, didn't know the first word to Three Times a lady but did manage to get 10/10 on the bits 'n' pieces round (which inlcuded such classics as UB40, S Club 7 and The KLF)

The sheets were handed in, the scores totted up. We were nervous after our poor showing last week. We shouldn't be, considering we came first! Yay 4 bottles of crap beer and 4 bottles of crap alcopop for us! woo!

Boys V. Girls was TV and film themed again, so I was in with a good chance of getting some. The boys and girls were very evenly mixed and there were quite a lot of us. The boys took an early lead and were winning 4-1 until I got Will O' the Wisp. The Girls started to pull it back then, but the boys kept edging ahead. His Lordship and Jim shouted out The Young Ones at exactly the same time much to everyone's amusement.

It got to 14-10 to the boys: I thhen got: The Family Ness (can't beleive no one else got it), This Morning, Play Your Cards Right and This is your Life on pretty much the first note - much to the amusement of Pub Quiz Bloke.

14 all.

It was tense.

The last song played. It was The Avengers. I knew it! I knew it! I got pipped by the boy who knew the tune to The Tweenies. Gutted. *cries*

But as always a good night was had by all and we went home happy with our crap beer/alcopops safe in the knowledge that I watch way too much TV.
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Claire, Jim and Hugh were very late this week (finally turning up when Pub Quiz Bloke reached question 6) so we were called Claire, Jim & Hugh are well late this week

general ingorance )
Comments are screened so you can make embarrassing guesses to your heart's content.

At the end of the general knowledge round we were joint top with twelve - go us.

We had a shockingly bad TV & Films round - managing to only get two. The Music round wasn't much better :( even the picture round gave us trouble and we ended up - for the first time in months - coming THIRD! Third! OMG!

We were all disgusted with ourselves.

The Boys V Girls round was Film and TV themes again - I managed to get The Crystal Maze (Mumsie!), Futurama and another one that I can't remember again. And got beaten by a boy on Bagpuss. Shocking. The girls lost (again) but there were a lot more boys than girls (in our defence).

answers to last weeks questions )
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This week our pub quiz was a bit depleted with just His Lordship, Jim and Me. In hour of this (and the fact we don't think we're particularly bright) we called ourselves We're not going to win 'cos Claire and Hugh aren't here. It was an omen

general ignorance - have a go at the general knowledge round )
Comments are screened so you cam make embarrassing guesses if you want.

We managed 9/10 between the three of us in the first round, which surprised us greatly and had us joint second with about 4 other teams. So there was all to play for.

We didn't do particularly well on the picture round - although my vaguely-remembered A-Level Biology knowledge came in useful as I recognised a diagram of a diaphram. (Jim thought it was a gall bladder *rolls eyes*).

His Lordship recognised a scene form Ghostbusters in about three words and I spotted the theme toon (write the theem toon, sing the theem toon) to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

We got full marks on the music round although I had a total mental block for a while over the name of the band Dead or Alive.

In the end the scores were totted up and we got 29! (Usually that's a 4th or 5th place spot (thusly proving how needed Claire and Hugh are) but this week we won! Only by a point but we still won! Yay us! Eight bottles of crap beer were outs \o/

The Boys V Girls round was a fairly tense affair - thankfully this week there were more girls than just me and the Landlady. I correctly got right Hollyoaks (again), the Simpsons (again - but it was an Irish diddly-diddly version) and The Raggydolls (dolls like you or me). I also got another one but can't remember what it was. His Lordship even managed to get 4 for the boys (well done big fella) but the girls beat the boys 15-12 or something.

Another productive night. And we palyed on the Top of the Pops Quiz machine and won £4 between us.
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His Lordship, Claire, Hugh and myself were joined by a special guest this week in the form of His Lordship's friend Matt (Matt has the questions emailed to him each week after I do the Pub Quiz Post - in the last two weeks he got 15/15 and 14/15 so he's not too shabby at the old Pub Quizzing). In his honour we were called Welcome Matt!!

General Ignorance )
Comments are screened so you can have a go at answering the questions.

We didn't do too badly on the Picture round and to my eternal shame I recognised the Power Rangers theme tune to steal us another point in the sounds round and we got full marks on the music round.

Rather annoying the team next to us were being little cheats, using their internet-connected phones to find out the answers to the questions they didn't know. Even more annoyingly they came second, so His Lordship is going to have a word with Pub Quiz Guy next week. Their cheating couldn't beat us and our non-cheating though as we came first! Yay!

This weeks Boys V. Girls round was TV and Film themes/songs. I was on fire. There were only about 6 girls on the girls team, against about 20 boys, so we knew we weren't going to do particularly well, we lost 15-9 but out of those nine I got SEVEN! (The Bill, Bod, The Muppet Show, Dogtanian, Neighbours, a quiz show (but I can't remember which one now) and thanks to John Barrowman (for whom I watched Richard & Judy for the first time ever on Monday) Richard & Judy.

His Lordship managed to get three for the boys team, thusly proving that I am the best. Yay!

last weeks answers )
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It's back after its Christmas Break. Last night's team (named Jim's Incompatible - long story) consisted of Jim, His Lordship, Me and Claire & Hugh. The team next to us has 12 members and still only managed to come eighth (*shakes head*)

We managed to do a little bit better.

General Ignorance (Gosh I miss QI) )
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We managed a fairly respectable second (with 30 points, 3 behind the first place team - our weekly nemesis' (or is it nemesis's?)). It's Jim (bless him) he curses us into 2nd place. Although we'll have to make the most of him - there's only 19 pub quizzes now until he goes to Australia, then we won't have him at all. :(

Didn't do too badly on the Boys V Girls round, correctly getting Manic Street Preachers (Design for Life) and U2 (Elevation) before His Lordship (much to his annoyance. He did get Apache Indian though and a couple of hours so he wasn't too sad. Next week it's TV themes again so I'll romp home with that ;)

Sadly, Pub Quiz Bloke is busy the night of Claire & Hugh's wedding and can't do a pub quiz so me and His Lordship will do one for them. Once it's done I'll put it all up, music round, picture round and all and you lot can all have a go with it.
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After a two week break (thanks to the lovely Rufus and sickness) we were settled in the 'Gorge for this weeks Pub Quiz. And we were ready and raring to win. (Because we're competitive that way).

Because Claire and Hugh want Pub Quiz bloke to do a quiz at their wedding, we broke with team name tradition this week and called ourselves Claire and Hugh are getting married and want you to do a pub quiz at their wedding reception :)

After the first round was marked there was a note saying (see me) after our team name. (Hugh did and the pair of them are goin to sort out dates over Christmas)

The general knowledge round has a fairly festive theme.

general ignorance )
Shockingly we only managed 9/15 in this round (mainy due to my incompetence and lack of HP knowledge (boo!)

Picture round was all Christmassy stuff, like Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause and a Muppets Christmas Carol. We also had Christmas Carols and had to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately I can only remember the stupid versions of the songs we sang at School.

For example:
[x] We Three Kings of Orient are, One in a taxi, One in a Car, One on a scooter beeping his hooter, Smoking a big cigar
(The question being how did the three wise men travel to the stable, Camel, Unknown or on Horseback)

[x] While Shepherds watched their flocks by night, while watching ITV, the Angel of the Lord came down and turned to BBC.
(The question being what is the missing line (which on my version is the ITV line))

The sounds round we did much better on. I feel I redeemed myself somewhat managing to guess Billie within two words (It was the scene from The End of the World where she's telling off Cassandra). (Even better only one other team got her right too).

We also got the A-Team right and I correctly guessed the Buffy theme tune (not that it was hard).

The results were totted up, we felt quietly confident and we WON!! (Yay us!) 4 bottles and Grolsch and 4 bottles of Watermelon Reef her ours. Hoorah for us!

Then it was the boys v. girls round. (Which I traditionally do rubbish on). Not tonight though. :D It was TV themes and adverts.

I correctly guessed: Police Squad, Hollyoaks (*blushes*), Friends (although His Lordship reckons he got it before me, but I got the points), Charlie's Angels and Grease. I was on fire!! Sadly the girls still lost 14-15. The boys next to us were very, very good (although they were guessing stuff like Aladdin, y'know films boys shouldn't get).

His Lordship was happy 'cos he guessed The Flumps. Bless 'im.
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Last night's team consisted on me, His lordship, Claire, Hugh and a special guest appearnce from Will (who was all ruffled up - I know girls who'd love to ruffle his hair :))
No Jim 'cos he'd had a crap day at work prompting our team name to be Jim's had a bad day at work

general ignorance )

We managed a very respectable 13/15 - which is our best first round score ever. Also at the end of the first round we were the top team. Don't worry if you don't know the answers to many questions, one team maned ONE point in that round!!!

We did pretty good in the picture round and the sound rounds too - me guessing the theme tune (write the theme tune, sing the theme tune) to Coupling in about 3 notes (hurrah for Steven Moffat) and I did pretty niftily on the music round too. Claire has a storming quiz - getting loads and loads of questions right - good on her :D

The final outcome was 35/40 for us and we WON! Wo0t! 4 bottles of Holsten and 4 bottles of Reef was ours! And the bad memories of last week are gone!

On the Girls V Boys round, I correctly caught Betty Boo before His Lordship (whose specialist music subject is 90's crap pop) although he did get a couple to redeem himself.

Sadly there will be no pub quiz post again next week (We're going to see Rufus Wainwright! Yay!) I'm quite gutted to be missing it as the Boys V Girls round is going to be a TV themes special and that's almost my specialist subject.


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