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Fringe: can't believe that it's nearly over. It gives me a sad. Love the fact Sky are showing the last two eps in sync with the US. But not that fact it means I'll be up till 3 in the morning watching it. There just isn't anything like it which I can use to replace it.

Breaking Bad: there's been so much chatter on My Twitter flist I thought I'd give it a ho. Only seen two eps so far. Not bad. His Lordship is quite possibly in live with it.

Stargazing Live: I love stars. And Prof B. and Dara. Wish this was a weekly series.

The Dark Knight Rises: not as good in some ways as the first two. But highly enjoyable. Michael Caine is awesome. That is all. The Batbike is really daft though. 8/10

This Means War: yes, I've had a Tom Hardy double bill. It was an enjoyable popcorn movie. Can't really say much without a spoiler cut. 7/10

Still NOT seen: The Hobbit. Having a small person really does prevent one getting out to the Odeon.
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Spoilers that have eaten way too much Christmas pud:
spoilers )

Spoilers for next half series
more spoilers )
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I feel that I can't justifiably bitch about something without seeing it first. And you never know it may just be good. Plus more Holmes on the TV is not a bad thing.

spoilers )
Nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I'll probably even keep watching.


May 17th, 2012 07:32 pm
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I have a lot of feels over the finale of Fringe


my, oh my )
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It's massively late, but fandom stuff is massively sucking my time at the moment. (As you can imagine) I've only just started checking my flist for the first time in days.

Spoilers, obviously for Torchwood, all days )
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Especially when you've got as poor hand-eye-controller as I have. Woes.

As you can see my little pod is looking reet stylin' now, although I have managed to staple some flowers to my head which is a bit annoying. And I keep getting squished by a Doc Marten (in the scary castle). Double Woes.

(Yes it did finally turn up, no thanks to Royal Mail.)

I've not played much of it yet so I can't really review it, but I am quite loving it and I have my Facebook friend Stephen Fry talking to me out of my tellybox, nothing can be better, I luff him!

If you've got a PS3 come be my LBP friend. My PSN ID is kalilj (I know, how imaginative)

His Lordship is going to make me a level all of my very own tomorrow. I expect it will be all spikes and deathly pools of smoke with lots of jumping cos I'm rubbish at it.


In non-gaming news, I went to see The Mighty Boosh live last night. Sadly there were only about five people all dressed up (2 Moons, a Hitcher, a cat(?) and some one in a red glittery catsuit like what Vince wears).

We saw it at the Civic (otherwise known as the venue with the shite sound) and it was no different to usual, you could barely hear Noel and Julian when they were standing in front of the curtains in between set changes. (And yes they did sing the Eels song). I thought it was very very silly, but also quite fun and I will make more of an effort to catch the actual series now.

An enjoyable 7/10.
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Last night my sister and I had an evening of culture at the theatre

Blood Brothers is the story of two brothers, one given away at birth and one kept, growing up in two distinctly different lifestyles; one living in luxury, the other living in poverty in Liverpool. And that's all I'll say of the storyline so not to spoil a 25 year old musical.

It was all exactly how I remembered it, back when I saw it in the West End, ooh, 15 years ago. The set was exactly the same with nifty perspective tricks and a slopey stage which must have been a nightmare for the high heel-wearing members of the cast.

Mrs Johnstone was played by last year's X-factor semi-finalist Niki Evans and she was surprisingly good. Very good in fact. And, bless her, she was crying her eyes out at the standing ovation at the end.

The woman sat next to me was also crying her eyes out at the end too.

All in all I'd give it a very enjoying and heart-moving 8/10.

My sister is now bugging me to go see High School Musical with her in December.

I'm currently trying to fuse glass and stop Bilbo getting scared by all the fireworks :(

And I'll finish off with a quick link round-up
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Why did no one tell me that Chuck was back? *sadfaces*
I love this show so much that I still have the S1 theme toon as the ringtone to my phone (I notice that they've extended the S2 toon, it's not as good)

Chuck 2x01 spoilers! )

Heroes 3x02 )
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Yay for there being lots of telly!

Pushing Daisies 2x01 )

Heroes 3x01 )

His Lordship rang me straight after Heroes last night to make sure I was distracted and not turning over to watch episode two on BBC Three. What a meanie.

And one question to leave you with:

If you had a superpower what would it be?
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Thanks to the wonders of the BBC iPlayer I'm watching Merlin and making a few scattered notes as I watch.

I am the last person in the country to see Merlin )

I was talking to a friend today about how if Merlin was in Heroes or X-Men he'd just be considered another normal lad who by quirk of DNA has evolved beyond homo sapiens but stick him in a historial setting and he becomes the greatest magician of all time. (If he was in Torchwood Jack would just want to flirt with him, much to Ianto's annoyance, after all they've got apocalypses (apocalypsii?) to advert.) Discuss.

It's only telekinesis after all.

Ha, only.

And now I'm going to watch Lost in Austen.


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