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Am very much enjoying telly at the moment. The Sky+ box is getting A SEVERE working out. I just wish the series link feature would work a little bit more often.

Merlin )

Flashforward )

Chuck )

Top Gear )

James May's Toy Stories )

Got lots of stuff to look forward to next year, Sky have already started to run trailers for Lost \o/ and I'd quite like to see V. I'll finish watching Dollhouse (because I'm a Whedon completist) and there's the new series of Chuck and that's about it.

What new series should I be watching flist?
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Joy of joys, was woken at 3.57 this morning by Bilbo throwing up everywhere (and I mean everywhere - in the bedroom, on the landing and at the bottom of the stairs). So there I was in my rubber gloves with kitchen roll and carpet cleaner, muttering various curses under my breath, while Bilbo looked on sheepishly and His Lordship slept on completely obviously to the fact all the lights were on.

I can't tell Bilbo off for being sick though (even though I am sorely tempted) because it's not his fault he had a gyppy belly).

This wasn't helped by the fact that yesterday I had the migraine from hell which left me throwing up and passing out all over the shop. Brilliant! :/ (I'm feeling much better today, thanks for asking).

In other (non-cat vomit related news):

[x] I don't care what you say texting at the cinema is bloody rude and annoying. This is the reason I don't go to the cinema any longer.
[x] Joss Wheedon on Dollhouse
[x] Big Finish are not doing any more Short Trips books. This makes me very sad indeed.
[x] A campaign I can completely get behind:

[x] Last few episodes of Prison Break back from Tuesday (I have it Sky+'d and series linked in readiness)
[x] Dexter S3 on FX from Friday (also Sky+'d and series linked)

Nearly time for Lost!!

In non-TV news, can anyone recommend a free anti-virus programme that won't kill my creaky old laptop? (needs to work onna laptop that runs on 256mg of ram)
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Do the US TV networks want me to start playing outside?

  • First they cancelled Pushing Daisies, now they're looking to axe the quite brilliant Chuck (where am I going to get my hour of pretty nerds and bonus Baldwin now?)
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles looks like it's not being renewed
  • Prison Break has 4 episodes left (starting back on Sky Next TUESDAY woot!)
  • And Reaper may not get renewed either.

So all I've got to watch next year is:
Heroes (shortened series, mid season a la Lost)
Fringe (which is getting very, very good now)

And on British telly:
Doctor Who
Being Human
Animal Park


In other news:
[x] Disney re-use their animation
[x] Pushing Daisies to live on as a comic
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Fringe: Have finally got it into my head that Joshua Jackson's character in this is called Peter and not Pacey. It's only taken four weeks. I know it's a bit of an X-Files rip-off and the gun the bad guy blokey was using had pinched the sound effect from Stargate but I am really enjoying it.

Strictly Come Dancing: watching Rachel S-Club and Vincent last night has made me want to take up Jive classes. I've been thwarted due to the fact all everyone seems to want to learn is salsa. My town is having a serious case of fail.

Heroes: I'd watch a show that was just Hiro and Ando. I luff them!

Chuck: Is giving me massive smiles. Moar Morgan though please.

Reaper: Just finished watching the penultimate episode of series 1. Which left me with a bit of a o_0 although that plot point was rather obviously signposted from quite early on in the series.

Merlin: Why didn't King Giles notice that his new guests were carrying staffs that looked ever so similar to the Gandalf? Surely it would have been a bit of a giveaway. Just saying. I'm definitely loving Merlin more than Robin Hood though. I think it's down to merlin being about 100 times less annoying than Robin which is then bolstered by the awesome that is ASH and Richard Wilson.
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Blimey, it's a bit windy tonight, innit? My flower pots have gone skittering across the garden never to be seen again, poor old Small Faced-Kitten nearly got blown away climbing the fence into our garden. I had to go out and rescue him and he's now sat on the kitchen windowsill looking ruffled and grumpy.

Bilbo's asleep and trying very hard to ignore the fact the wind is making the house vibrate.

Top Chuck casting news with fills me with ACTUAL JOY AND SQUEEEEEEEE! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl!
Franz Ferdinand album information
Has Pushing Daisies fallen flat?
Lost series 5 promo trailer - I still love you Lost. I'd love you more if you brought back a certain Mr Charles Pace though.

And I've just lost the bin to a rogue gust of wind. BRB have to go rubbish collecting. :(
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Why did no one tell me that Chuck was back? *sadfaces*
I love this show so much that I still have the S1 theme toon as the ringtone to my phone (I notice that they've extended the S2 toon, it's not as good)

Chuck 2x01 spoilers! )

Heroes 3x02 )
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I'm still loving Chuck )

Read more... )

I will get around to do my Derren post eventually too. I'm being a bit made of fail and haven't finished it though.
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Only up to episode five but am enjoying it greatly. The soundtrack is full of songs I like. I think Morgan is both the cutest and creepiest little guy ever. And I *really* like the opening credits. Adam Baldwin = still made of win.

The Colour of Magic
Finally got around to watching the second part (The Light Fantastic). Most pleased by Sean Astin going po-tay-toe in a random manner. Intentional or not? Why is Tim Curry not on the Tellt more?

The Invisibles
Has the worst opening credits music I have heard in quite a while. But it does have ASH, Dean Lennox Kelly AND Jenny Agutter apparently sporting a Britney Spears-style pvc catsuit.

Not seen this week's ITV episode. So please don't spoil me. ITV are calling it the series finale, but we're only twelve episodes in, so I'm a bit confused.

I showed His Lordship the trailer for the US Life on Mars. He had to turn it off at the point 'Gene' did orientation. He was not impressed. Not one bit.


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